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Grammer. Please help!


United States

Americans say "We are short a person."  Why there is no preposition such as "on" between "short" and "a person"?  I was told that it is wrong to place a preposition in this case.  Please help!

04:43 PM Jan 06 2008 |

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yes we say  we are short  person because it is in plural we are in singular we say  I'M A SHORT PERSON ...ok Ithink it is correct 

07:33 PM Jan 06 2008 |




Will you be so kind to explain what do you refer to with  I'M A SHORT PERSON?

Does it refer to a kind of a personality?

Thx in advance



08:19 AM Jan 07 2008 |



Sri Lanka

Hi Ahoskawa, I am not sure what you actually mean in this context. But a team leader of a project would tell her manager "We are short of a person", meaning that the team needs an extra person to complete the project on time.  

09:59 AM Jan 07 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


Hi, you wouldn't say 'We are short a person" at the start of a discussion. Here is an example:
Two teams are chosen to do something. One team has 11 people on it, the other one has 10. The leader of the 10 group says. "We are short one person." (Nothing to do with height, just that there are 10 and not 11 on their team.) The other leader may reply with something like, "So, you are short a person? I'll see if I can fine someone else from the office to join your team."

We want to go to the gym for volleyball but we are 'short one person' or ' we are short a person'.

I hope this clears this up for everyone.  

12:13 PM Jan 07 2008 |



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12:26 PM Jan 07 2008 |


United States

Can anyone please help me with my original question?  Why there isn't a preposition between "short" and "a person"?  This is nothing to do with height.

10:05 PM Jan 20 2008 |



I'm no sure but I think this is one among milion exception in English linguage.

However, thanks for the question, it turn out useful.

10:31 PM Jan 20 2008 |