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Hi, I'm keen on football.

I'm a Juventus FC supporter which plays in Italian chempioship.

Here people argue each other about this sport and teams competition becouse it is very felt. Other italians who are reading this post know what I mean.

What about you? what's your favorite sport or team?    

04:28 AM Jan 31 2008 |

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I’m crazy about football, like most people in Europe. But these days, instead of it being a game for people to enjoy and have fun, violence and racism in football are increasing reciprocally to FIFA’s “efforts” to prevent this.
Sorry to take you back in time, but ever since that Italian guy played dirty hitting under the belt and making a huge star like Zidane look stupid (for his reaction which on any other level would be considered natural), I don’t think high of it any more, nor of FIFA. I feel disgusted. Not that I approve of Zidane’s style at that point but I feel more disappointed of the way FIFA kind of closed their eyes and covered a racist like the Italian, contradicting their official stance on racism in football.
My son plays football and it takes me a whale of an effort to teach him to ignore racist remarks and focus on his game, at least on the pitch.
Or is this what I should actually teach him? To Iet everyone call him whatever and insult him and get away with it? Hm! Funny, don’t you think?

08:53 AM Jan 31 2008 |




I love foot ball. I like Francesc Fabregas and of course, i favorite team is Arsenal!!!Laughing

My favorite national team is German. 

10:24 AM Jan 31 2008 |




I just like watch it. Becuse Chinese football team is not very good.So….

03:53 AM Feb 06 2008 |