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Let's know better by private e-mail



I know, in this site there are plenty section to meet each other and to improve our English.

 I've registered since a few of day then I'm not very much friends.

If someone is interested to have some e-mail chat with me and know better, my e-mail address is .

By the way, my name is Emanuele and I'm an Italian boy.

08:31 PM Feb 05 2008 |

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welcome u Italian boy.I'd like 2 know more foreign friends here.Wish we could be good friends.U can add me in ur Ebaby list at first.

the e-mail address isn't shown on this page.u should type spaces among the address.

here's my msn:alasheep @ hotmail.com   without spaces.

05:34 AM Feb 06 2008 |