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Hi Everybody, I'm looking for someone with whom I can talk and practice my English. I want to improve my speaking English. My English is intermediate. If you want to talk with me, feel free to contact me at www.lets-talk-in-english.com  or My Skype ID is (letstalkinenglish1). See you.Smile<!-Session data-><!-Session data-><!-Session data->

01:28 PM Feb 09 2008 |

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Hi there, I'm from Italy. I want to improve my speaking English. You can contact me. My Skype ID is Maugra59. Best,

03:30 PM Jul 30 2009 |

Yolanda J

Hong Kong

Me Me Me, skype :timothyzhao1981Cool

Waiting right on line!

08:18 AM Jul 31 2009 |


United States

hi i'm frm the city of new york, i'm not american but i'm here livin' with my auntie so i would like to talk with someone from NY or from another city or state if you wanna contact wiht me here i let my hotmail:sa_klara_pija93@hotmail.com.thanks bye

11:35 AM Sep 02 2009 |




My name is Kamil and I'd like make firend with people, who wants make friend too ;)


My skype:  kamil0607_pl

07:52 PM Sep 02 2009 |



Hi, wanna make new english friends and develop my english. anyone cud help me ? :) skype: melaniee09

01:46 AM Sep 03 2009 |



MY skype ID:f63701935167

i am 22 years old from Taiwan

08:50 AM Sep 03 2009 |


United Kingdom

I looked at this art and I feel that you must not allow to talke about Myra Hindely unless you are one of those serious talking head types on some TV. Perhaps it was that people already had a visceral reaction to Hindley and this painting, very visceral itself. Using a chid hands print to recreated Myra Hindely portaint was  a great idea and it also give a HELL of a shock to peole. Marcus Harvey must have been pleased that something he had created had such a powerful effect on people; I think it is just a shame that the piece wasn’t recognised for the brilliance that it represented. It may be one of those pieces that is rediscovered later and undergoes a renaissance — it may not. I think is a disgraceful to use Myra image in Olympics video, Its suuport to be a piece of "art" to remenber that sadest incidence the victims families had to go through not to celebrate they emotion of their loved one and used it to get a attention.

04:03 PM Oct 11 2009 |




I would like to practise spekoen english on line with all of you, this is my contact : SKYPE: jeromeao.  i look forward to you guys contact me,

04:39 AM Oct 12 2009 |


Viet Nam

well, it nice to meet you. I come from Vietnam but now i stay in Cuba, a country beatyful and small. that's a good ideal, we can construct our website to become a adress interested. Here, you can speak over your country, your favorite or your thought or opinion. And have the friends all around of the world.

   Have a good day !

 My mail is

 i'm studying cibernetics. If you have any problem, join to me. 

02:28 AM Oct 25 2009 |

Meddy lol

Meddy lol

United States

Heey all ,,

I love english and speaking in it ,, so anyone wants to talk to me ,, then your more than welcome ,,

this is my skype ID : ( black.star99 )

I speak in American Accent lol ,, just for your information ^^

03:49 PM Oct 26 2009 |