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Hi Everybody,
I’m looking for someone with whom I can talk in English. I can speak English and Russian, Mongolian. If you want to talk with me, feel free to contact me. My Skype ID is “letstalkinenglish1”
Bye bye.

05:07 AM Feb 10 2008 |

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Viet Nam

Hey, i like to talk in emglish but my english is so poor. Can i talk with you?

10:33 AM Feb 10 2008 |





My name is Ozgur..I'm from Turkiye.I want to speak and improve my english we can speak at evenings If you want I am a Mechanical engineering and I am 29 years old and I like playing guitar,reading booksI am married and I have a daughter. She is 3 years old.see  you!

12:54 PM Feb 10 2008 |

liu qingquan


I am from China. I want to find friends there.Please contact to me .My QQ is 493892663.

01:34 PM Feb 10 2008 |



Hi, You can talk not only with me but also with each other. Please, here, just arrange your type of messenger Skype, or MNS or Yahoo which you prefer…, then exchange your IDs here, arrange your time when you are able to talk.

03:18 PM Feb 11 2008 |