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Any one want to voice chat on Skype for practising oral English



I am Zhang. As a Chinese, English has opened a window of new world especially after internet is popular. Because our Chinese media are censored and filtered. English can penetrate Great Firewall of China naturally. I want to speak perfect English. But I have no chance to practise oral English. So I  think we can learn English through talking in voice chat Skype.
 Require: 1) junior oral English learner to study speaking english together. not complain we cannot follow each other because of his bad English. 2) No Chinese, so We have to communicate through English only.

My Skype username: NOTHINGKNO

If you are insterested in it, We can arrange the time when we get on line in Skype first.

06:29 AM Feb 13 2008 |

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Sri Lanka

Smart comment. Our government has tried a few web access restrictions also – such as on tamilnet.com There is a work-around by using Proxy Servers. 

07:04 AM Feb 13 2008 |



I knew the methods to access the banned internet site. such as Tor or Freegate and so on. It is complicated to common people. And you cant bear its slow speed. English is real, touchable, different, new world for me. You can watch the same TV and movie as the rest of the world through the Internet. China do not permit introducing original newspaper and TV of West. Even satellite disc family possession is banned.<!-StartFragment ->

01:21 PM Feb 13 2008 |

pratik roy


hi  iam pratik.   20yrs of age .i want to voice chat on skype. i want to be more fluent in english.

10:28 AM Apr 08 2011 |




I wanna 2. my skype id is: wishu97

call me

06:32 PM Sep 22 2011 |


Dominican Republic

Hi ,my name is sergio and i wana find ppl to practice English on skype with micro.

My skype is sergio.alberis.peralta :) you can add me

12:49 PM Dec 31 2011 |

ِAshraf Kamel



i wanna . my skype is ashraf_ccie

06:16 AM Jul 08 2012 |




I am looking for native english speakers for improve my english language. If anybody is there Please inform me. Please help me.

06:00 PM Jun 06 2014 |