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what is the differenc between photo & picture?


Saudi Arabia

what is the differenc between photo & picture?

10:22 PM Feb 18 2008 |

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i think sometimes they are equal but not necessarily so

 while talking about photograph, which means a pic taken by a camera, these two words mean the same thing

 but picture is not limited to photo, it cud also refer to painting/drawing, etc.

hope it helps

01:12 AM Feb 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

hello  eshq

i have many posts regarding  the difference betweeen words  you can check them

any way to your question  picture is more general than photo 

and we have many differences regarding part of speech and meanings 

so if you are interested in word differences  i recommend you read about semantics

i will be glad to help you but right now iam busy with my exam when i will be free  at your service

c u  soon


11:16 AM Feb 19 2008 |