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trouble from VOA, wait for your answer 0219




American History Series: “For a while, it seemed the other delegates would never arrive. But then they started coming one or two at a time. The delegates agreed to start the convention as soon as seven states were represented.

Question: Here I don't know this world"represented"  I couldn't find a proper and exact meaning  for the above last sentence in all dictionaries I could find.

I'm dying for your help, thanks so much. 


03:57 AM Feb 19 2008 |

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Sri Lanka

Please see below the definitions from the Cambridge Online Dictionary. If you still do not understand, please ask.

represent (ACT FOR)    verb [T]
1 to speak, act or be present officially for another person or people:
They chose a famous barrister to represent them in court.
Union officials representing the teachers met the government today.
Women were well/poorly represented at the conference (= there were many/few present).

2 to be the Member of Parliament, or of Congress, etc. for a particular area:
Mr Smythe represents Barnet.

3 FORMAL to express or complain about something, to a person in authority:
We represented our grievances/demands to the boss.

representation    noun [U]
Can he afford legal representation?

representative   noun©
1 someone who speaks or does something officially for another person or group of people:
The firm has two representatives in every European city.

2 US someone who has been elected to the US House of Representatives

representative   adjective
a representative system of government


04:28 AM Feb 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

i  cant say more 

tiffintime   did a great job


c u soon

11:06 AM Feb 19 2008 |




thanks you two again.

Mr.abu,  you also did a great job. thank you all the same.

Mr.tif, you gave me a great website, now I can look up some words completely on the Cambridge Online Dictionary.

you always help me  with my English. I just cannot thank you enough.

09:46 AM Feb 20 2008 |