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'You are going too far' means 'I want you to stop'?


South Korea

Can you do me a favor?
I have a question, so I really hope someone could help me.
(I've already posted this question yesterday, but changed my question to make you understand what I want to know.)

The question is the same as the title- Generally, 'You are going too far' contains the meaning 'I want you to stop doing the thing that annoys me'?

I looked up those expressions in the dictionary.

- have had enough

to want something to stop because it is annoying you:

ex) I've had enough – I'm going home.

- go too far

to behave in a way that upsets or annoys people:
go beyond acceptable limits(출처: Words Phrases That Carry Uncommon Mean, Unicorn Books, 2005)

ex) It's all very well having a joke but sometimes you go too far.

I need your help!

03:23 AM Feb 20 2008 |

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It means that the person is crossing his limits. I could mean that he/she is doing things or saying more than they are supposed / allowed / given permission to do. 

03:32 AM Feb 20 2008 |