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Hey, muslims.What do you think about Communism?




Before you answer the question, please learn “What is Communism?”

I am a mulism..So i feel myself very lucky..:)

But also i think communism is the best political system in the World..Becauce The communism's aim is ''equality and justice''

I believe Allah and Prophet Muhammad..also all of prophets…But i don't like the political system of Arabs.. They have to change..

I don't see that Communism and Atheism are same… Communism is a political system..But Atheism is a religious idea…I am repeating again '' I am a muslim girl so i feel very lucky myself'' :)))) because i think ''my religion is the best'' :))

So I love China and Chinese people..And i want to study university or master in China (Inshallah) Laughing

04:57 PM Feb 21 2008 |

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United States

Thank your for replying CAN_I_CRY.

 I can clearly see why do not really like a democratic state. From my understanding, Turkey is the most democratic of the Islamic states in the Middle East. I myself am from the middle class struggling to make a life here in the U.S. and I do think it is unfair that some people are born rich while others are poor. 

 Have you discussed this topic with those who live or have lived under communism and are Muslim? What are some of their thoughts?

Would you mind keeping contact with me? I am currently conducting research for my undergraduate studies about compatibility trends with Islam and democracy (or communism, or other form of government you think Islam fits more with). Please email me directly any questions or comments you would like to let me know. My email is mkanime@hotmail.com . I would like to hear more from you! Thank you for your time and consideration!


09:26 PM Feb 07 2009 |



i think democroacy is the best pitical system.

05:43 AM Feb 08 2009 |


United States


thank you for your comments. i do not consider myself as prejudgmental and am very open to what everyone has to say. people have their personal opinions and i very much respect that. i am christian and try to observe my religion because it is my life. but i do not try to impose my religious beliefs on anyone because everyone is different. all i can rely on is mankind's willingness to be understanding and kind to one another. 

 i would very much like to continue to discuss these issues with you. so you are muslim? i am studying the middle east and arabic as my undergraduate major, so i would like to know more about a muslim's political point of views, especially on democracy and communism. if you would like to email me, my address is mkanime@hotmail.com . thanks again for your comments!


10:31 PM Feb 09 2009 |




@ can i cry.. I respect ur views, bt advice u to have a deep dip in ur religion.. Islam is d bst system in d universe.. N hope u knw d concept of zakat.. Dats sumthng u shd knw, since ur talkng bout economic equality..

06:33 AM Apr 11 2009 |



hi friends,

This post is specifically addressed to Muslims, which I am not. But I have my ideas about the rest substance, so I am here.

When ppl. make options like either Islam (or religion) or democracy or communism, it make the discussion complex unnecessarly.

Islam or Religion represented a particular stage of human development. It provided a system at political, social, economical, cultural, philosophical levels. It enhanced the human development and helped to organise bigger States.

The democracy in the present form emerged in centuries and it too represented a higher stage of human development in all the spheres of life. It conqured whole of the world thus proved its supriority over all the sytems that were prevalent at that times.

Communism or socialism is a recent phenomenon. It had shown its strengths. Its criticism of Capitalism is not only relevent but has been restreangthened with present failure of Globlization Dogma, which is nothing but the illusionary name given to imperialistic expansionism. The socialist system could never be defeated from outside forces. It stood before powerfull imperialist states.

  So while judging any of the above systems, we should apply similar rules. Either compare their Philosophy, or compare their practise. We have seen Islamic or religious States, Capitalistic States and Socialist States, we can compare their statics. The rate of employment, education, poverty, social services and other indicators.

My view is none of them is Utopia! We shouldn't view them as Static systems but as dynamic sytems. The Islamic countaries are not same as they were in early period. Present day Democracy is not same as it was in days of Russo. Present day Socialist states are not as they were meant to be created.

The situations which gave birth to new ideaologies or systems, did they vanish? The questions which were raised, have they been answered? The answers which they gave, the achievements that they made, have they been done in any other system? 

It is true, the new theories should answer the failures. Is it not that how science develops- failures make the improvements!! 


11:51 AM Apr 11 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

i am a muslim and ialways thought that communism stands against  the believe of my religion. iknow that i shouldnt  judge without actually knowing what am talking about and that what made this subject very interesting for me specially that someone iknow recently became a communist . what am trying to say is am really confused& this difference of opinions is not helping me at all .so if someone could walk me through the basic believes of communisms `ll be thankful   

03:48 PM Apr 11 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

idont know if this going to sound stupid but why did you say that is communism taboo for muslims?

09:01 PM Apr 11 2009 |