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Please help me how to understand this sentence?




"He said the current market trouble is far from over."

how to understand it, especially the phrase" far from over".

I'm dying for your help. thanks so much.

03:59 AM Feb 22 2008 |

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Sri Lanka

A market could refer to either the stock market, the export market, the availability of housing mortgages, and so on. When you say "the trouble is now over", it means that the "trouble" or the problem has now been solved or has been settled. "the trouble is far from over" means that the "trouble" will not be solved or put right for a long time to come, possibly because of the present economic difficulties such as inflation, high oil prices, disruptions in electrical power supply, etc. 

05:04 AM Feb 22 2008 |




Mr.tf, you always help me with my english.

I feel sorry,I'm afraid to bother your life. but I do need your help and others.

Mr.tf, I just cannot thank you enough. every time I see you, I feel happy.

04:13 PM Feb 22 2008 |