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How to understand these? Please help me!




Unlike many Obama supporters, many Clinton supporters have already given the limit permitted by law. Hillary Clinton said this week that she loaned five million dollars of her own money to her campaign last month.


Question1: how to understand this sentence:"many Clinton supporters have already given the limit permitted by law"


Question2: what does "a blog entry" mean? we can't see a phrase like this in our country.


thanks so much.

07:57 AM Mar 09 2008 |

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1- US Election laws put a limit (a maximum amount) that any individual can give to a political candidate.

The sentence means that many of the people who have given money to Senator Clinton have already reached that maximum. By law, they cannot give any more money to her campaign.

2 – a blog is a word that came from the term weB LOG. A blog is a website where people or groups of people made periodic entries and they are usually displayed with the most recent entry first. Blogs can be about your personal life, about opinion, news, commentary, pictures, video, almost anything.

There are free sites where you can create your own blog, or even have one here on ebaby. 

02:05 PM Mar 09 2008 |