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Describe the country in which you would like to settle in




- name of the country
- special things about the country
- reasons to select this country for settling in

08:12 AM Mar 12 2008 |

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my country

 name of the cuontry is vietnam

i think special things about my country is"food"halong bay".....

in my country have two reason :wet and dry (or rainny and sunny)

i glad to meet you

can you make friend with me because i want to ỉmpove my english

see you late

09:34 AM Mar 12 2008 |




hi freinds,

this is a very nice topic to have among us

As per me ,i would select my country,i.e INDIA to settle in my carrrier.though i work in some other foriegn countries ,i would finally want to settle in my own country.because one love one's country and want to do something to thier country.since we people are habituated to the country's climate and culture ,we could not go away from it. my country's climate is moderate all the time,no heavy rains,no heavy snow,and no heavy heat in summer.and i like the culture of my country a lot

04:34 PM Mar 12 2008 |




my English very poor..let me help too

03:57 AM Mar 14 2008 |