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Lets talk about culture in your country

be my friend

Saudi Arabia

HI guys;;

each one telme.what is the culture in your country?

I am looking for your answer as soon as poosible?



01:31 PM Mar 12 2008 |

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United Arab Emirates

but i answered your qeuistion  .......is that enough or you need more…...you can see my answered in number 6 ok(be my friend)

10:10 AM Apr 12 2008 |



Hi everyone)))i'm new here…How are U?

I'm from Ukraine.do U want know anything special?)))

Ask!   (_)

Welcome to Ukraine))))

12:29 PM Apr 12 2008 |

be my friend

Saudi Arabia

hi liuweinp,

thanks fot ur answer about ur friend

but u have to write something about ur country.

thanks alot

07:47 PM Apr 12 2008 |

be my friend

Saudi Arabia

hi reemy,

thank you so much for ur answer.

i think everybody knows about Dubia.

07:50 PM Apr 12 2008 |

be my friend

Saudi Arabia

hi helenzhong,

how r u?i hope u r fine.

i have already added you.

now you have to telme about ur country.


07:55 PM Apr 12 2008 |

be my friend

Saudi Arabia

hi fioshka,

im fine.

i want to know about ur culture in ur country.


07:59 PM Apr 12 2008 |

be my friend

Saudi Arabia

hello to everybody,,

quys.is the question nt interesting? plz telme..

i will change it .


03:24 PM Apr 15 2008 |


Viet Nam

  Autism is a kind of illness which lose abilities to engage in normal social interactions

  And infantile is like childish

  In brieft, infantile autism means a kinda illness of children

04:06 AM Jun 08 2008 |


Viet Nam

  Hi guys,  I am from Viet Nam, my country 's culture is very various. it are associated with wet riice civilization which has a highlighted charateristic is community spirit and familiar life. Extended family is important to the Vietnamese and that includes second or third generation. The extended family comes together during the times of trouble and times of joy, celebrating festivals and successes, mourning deaths or diisappointments.

  This is one of Vietnamese national identity.

04:33 AM Jun 08 2008 |


Hong Kong

i can't find any culture in my City Hong Kong….because Hong Kong is business city , may be you can find some old culture in here, but i  just can see many many tall  building in here now….


12:11 PM Jun 09 2008 |