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I am from United States


United States

Anyone need help with speaking or spelling please write me and I will help as much as possiable my name is Angelia

08:29 PM Oct 31 2006 |

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i'm from China , i'm so puzzled in english ,i  can't speak english fluently,could you help me .

i'm from China ,my email is :



02:40 AM Nov 01 2006 |




Hi Angelia, I am Tahir from pakistan. My problem is that I am not very bad in english but i can't speak english, because i have notice that sometime i can explain the things properly through writting but can't through verbally. I mean i feel very shy while speaking.

can you please advice.


04:47 AM Nov 01 2006 |


United States

The only way to learn how to speak English is to try and keep trying and to speak to people in English and not saying a word right is ok people like you us americans know how it is and we will help tell me some words you would like to say and I will help the best I can on here.

03:46 PM Nov 01 2006 |


United States

hey there just ask me ?s and I will be more then happy to help.

03:56 PM Nov 01 2006 |

Franklim Lima


Congratulations for your good intention on trying to help people… Today people are so busy on his own problems and forget about help others. I'm from Brazil and I'm keep trying to learn English. Stay in touch!

Franklim Lima

06:28 PM Nov 01 2006 |


United States

Laughing Thank you I am here

08:34 PM Nov 01 2006 |




I am from China,now i am a overseas sales supervisor,most of our clients are American, i communicate with them by email sometimes by phone,i found my oral english isn't good enough especially the pronunciation confused me.Could you help me?And if you need any help,please kindly let me know.

My email box: (janeyunlei@


  phone no: 13821255541

Thanks and Best Regards


04:11 AM Nov 03 2006 |


United States

Hi Jane this is Angelia and I see you have problems with pronunciaton and if you could send me and e-mail here explain a bunch of words you need help pernouncing and I will be more then glad to help you


truly yours

03:40 PM Nov 03 2006 |



Hi. what an amazing English, half spoken, half consumed inside. No ornaments, no elastrations but barren facts. And what  an amazing speed… are you in a hurry ?  are you reaching the moon on a Russian Sputnik ?  Have you in mind that you are describing something which is to be consumed where taste is a desiding factor ..Ooohhhh… never mind … I am to go  through the TOFEL test and most likely to consume all this ridiculus things.

 Hi friend, nothing personal … dont mind .. I am here only to be a successful candiate in the TOFEL test, why should I analyze how things are spoken best ?

It is the law of the land in question and I am to go through the test. Thanks.  Mind to write a few line for me ?



06:27 PM Nov 03 2006 |



Dear  Angelia:

        i am chinese, i want to learn from you .i want to improve my oral english. would you like to be my teacher?

01:00 PM Nov 04 2006 |