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I am from United States


United States

Anyone need help with speaking or spelling please write me and I will help as much as possiable my name is Angelia

08:29 PM Oct 31 2006 |

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The Dragon

The Dragon


Hi angelia I am from Egypt and I want to improve my English language skills because it is very important to me but I can't find the chance to practise it.

can you help me?

I would like that we become friends.


11:30 PM Jul 22 2007 |



hi           i m from pakistan .i m a housewife.i want learn english because my kids stdy in english.plz  help can u teach me.

11:19 PM Jul 24 2007 |



Hello,it's ConnieRao from China, and now I'm working in an exporter company.

Could you pls kindly tell whether there is some mystery for pronuciation of English?

 I felt it's so diffcult



08:02 AM Aug 18 2007 |



I'm a customer service asstistant in electronic filed from China, now need your kind suggestion for oral practice for English. Although most of the times we exchange mails with customers, sometimes, the customer could call us or visit the company. then I'll feel nervous and could not express myself well, :(

08:13 AM Aug 18 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

I was searching to some one who is very good in English and can talk to me in the msn just an hour daily.I already saw ur topic and I want u if u dont mind to help me plz

if u accept plz tell me to give u my email

remmeber I need that help very much and I will be very thankful

07:26 AM Aug 19 2007 |




hi Iknow grammer very well.When Iread anythings in english like books.newspapers Iunderstanding very well,put I find difficulty in speaking.my mail is    mohamedyes1AThotmailDOTcom 

02:51 PM Aug 25 2007 |


United States


make friends with foreigners-make friends with chinese

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03:12 PM Aug 25 2007 |



hello ,i first come here !  i found there are lots of people to ask you for  pure english , especially speaking.it says you are very popular because of helping others!Here i had a question and hoped you could answer: if the american speaks very simply in daily lives by abridging some words,this especially existing pronouncing?  thanks and best regard!

e-mail box :

03:57 PM Aug 25 2007 |




hi angelia, i'm from morocco my problem is that i can't speak so fast without thinking even though i have been studying english for 3 years, of course this prolem is due to the fact that i didn't use to speak with native speakers. sometimes when i see some american or british tourists here in my country i try to talk to them but i can't coz i think they won't like that so i think the only solution to get rid of this problem is to talk to native speakers like you here in the internet , therefore if there is a way,by which you can help me plz do it and i will gratefull to you all my life . and you can also tell me how can i speak with american people here in my country since you wil know better than me . thanks in advance

 see u soon take care

12:06 AM Aug 26 2007 |


United States


02:04 AM Aug 26 2007 |