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your ways to learn english?




what is the best method to learn english?

share with others your ideas.


10:13 PM Mar 29 2008 |

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Sri Lanka

I agree that living in an English speaking country helps. For an Asian, this could include countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, or even certain places in India. Of course , after some time, you will be able to judge if a person is speaking in an acceptable accent or not. There are some radio announcers from the Phillipines in Sri Lanka who speak in a typical American accent. I presume they must have earlier worked in those American military bases over there.

By the way, Patis, one of the greatest English writers was a Pole who knew only a little English in his youth. I am talking about Joseph Conrad, the author of Lord Jim.





05:19 AM Mar 31 2008 |




The first answer is: Nobody knows.  And the second answer is that because nobody knows the best way to learn English, there isn't one. It's an old fantasy for learners and for teachers – to find the one perfect key.  So many teachers, English language schools, universities, academics, business people, etc., say that they know the best way to learn languages, but that's only to make money.  Don't believe them.
At Severnvale our experience has taught us that there are three simple conditions for good progress:

  • You must be positive about learning English. It doesn't matter why you're positive – because you enjoy language, or because you hope to get a better job – but you must feel enthusiastic about it.
  • You must feel relaxed, comfortable and secure – not only in the classroom, but outside it too
  • You must accept that quantity matters as much as quality – in other words don't waste too much time worrying about the best way to learn English when you can spend time reading, writing, talking or listening to English instead!  Doing a lot of language is better than doing one little bit perfectly.
But one thing that all teachers and academics agree about is that people are different – different people learn better in different ways.  So the really important factor is to find the best way for you to learn English.

05:52 AM Mar 31 2008 |




thanks :)

i'm going to leanguage camp in England this summer. Do U think it's good idea? Have U ever been in such journey?

05:15 PM Mar 31 2008 |