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We Need Friends



The word,friend,covers a wide range of meanings.It can be a nodding acquaintance,a comrade,a confidant,a partner,a playment,an intimate,colleague,etc.Everyone needs friendship.No one cna sail the ocean of life single-handed.We need help from,and also give help to,others.In modern society,people attach more importance to relations and connections.A man of charisma has many friends.His power lies in his ability to give.As life is full of strife and conflict,we need friends to support and help us out of difficulties.Our friends give us warnings against danger.Our friends offer us advice with regard to how to deal with various situations.True friends share not  only our joys but also our sorrows.

I will never forget my old friends,and I'll keep making new friends.I will not be cold and indifferent to my poor friends,and I will show concern for them,even if it is only a comforting wrord.

If you like English and wanna make freinds,pls add me.

My address is :

04:24 AM Nov 24 2006 |

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arrive here and write sth here!

I just wanna make friends with you!

06:16 AM Nov 24 2006 |



my address is: lizige1979 at hotmail dot com

07:44 AM Nov 24 2006 |



ok,welcome,I'd like to

01:45 PM Nov 24 2006 |




I'd like to add you,but I can't see your address.If you don't mind,pls show me it,thanks

01:57 AM Nov 28 2006 |



hi lizi !! Iam Andrea from Argentina and I`d like very much talk and be friends some day, i am 27 and actually i am study english in an institute from here but really i need help! see you


05:37 PM Sep 10 2009 |