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hi,i have a problem that i only can speak a little ,waiting for kind person to help me.if foreign friends want to learn Chinese .just touch me !Smile

01:02 PM Apr 15 2008 |

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prison break

Saudi Arabia


u can add ur skype and we'll meet and learn more and more >

by the way thanks i don't want to learn Chinese :) :)

 if i think some day to learn Chinese i'll learn drawing :)

it's really weird language i can't imagine how u can understand each other ^^  

10:28 PM Apr 15 2008 |




thank you for your reply, i will  register .

Chinese is my native language.speak it just as we eat,it is ability of the instinct .i think everyone has this instinct to speak their mather language.I also think Chinese is a wonderful language.

07:12 AM Apr 16 2008 |




thanks for your message!

yes,u'r right!

07:14 AM Apr 16 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


I think that prison break's answer is just another sign of intolerance, the kind that is rampant in different parts of the world. I have many Chinese friends and I haven't found such intolerance in any of them. China has had culture for thousands of years, true medicine for thousands of years and art for thousands of years. Their language is their own and it too is thousands of years old. The gunpowder that seems to be a favourite staple in some areas of the world was invented in China. 

Learning a language is partly sharing a culture. Let's respect other cultures and languages and work towards a better world. Many languages are 'really weird' but that is the beauty of being human, isn't it?

11:50 AM Apr 16 2008 |



Yes, Chinese is a beautiful language.

It is also the official language here in Taiwan. 

Although I don't like "the Chinese government", I do love Chinese history and literature.

They are fascinating.

Hi, Mapleleaf man, today there is a piece of news happened in Canada really bothers me. (http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2008/04/16/boy-handcuffs.html)

Why so many comments there are so negative about the child? He is only a child.

(Why it bothers me so much? Because Canada is my No. 1 paradise, I really hope I can go there one of these days.  ) 

10:43 AM Apr 17 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


I don't know why this story even made it to the news. Most people trust the police and there is no reason to believe that 3 of them did this to the young kid. He is 10 years old and he was left on his own by his parents. That tells you something, right? His parents go out and he cranks up the TV to a very loud volume. That tells you something else. There's more to this story than what the parents are saying, for sure. Cops aren't perfect but they aren't completely stupid either. 

Canada isn't perfect but it's still a paradise to many of use who live here. Our press is wide open and free, our cops are generally good guys but some of our ten year olds need parents who care about them!  

11:16 AM Apr 17 2008 |




Thank you! i do agree with you,learning language couldn't depart from its culture,there are so many different languages and cultures in the world, i think we should respect each language and its culture,all these are the wealth of all human.

01:34 PM Apr 17 2008 |




each person would love his  nation's history and culture.i don't know what your attitude .

It is a fact that Taiwan is a part of China.

01:42 PM Apr 17 2008 |





sorry,i don't know how can i add you?

01:23 AM Apr 18 2008 |



Hi guys

 How are you?

I`m weant to learning English

Helpe me pleas…...


01:34 PM Apr 18 2008 |