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Dady in China ^.^


United Arab Emirates

Chinese need your help again   :$


guess what ? my father travelled to China yesterday  << remember my project will be about this country ..

i just wanted to ask you .. tell me is there any things can my father buy it and will helo me in my

presentaion and project ?? such us : (( the chinese dress, the stickes which they eat by it … OR any historcial thing ??

plus, wanna to now about placese…. musumes … and shops ??

waiting for ur reply friends

06:00 PM Apr 20 2008 |

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United Arab Emirates

i hope so ! thanks angel ;)

06:56 AM Apr 21 2008 |



Hehe, you are very welcome to china.
It's hard to say what kind of present you dady can buy from china for you.

You know almost everything made in china, dress, computer, cell phone, any digital product, space ship, jet plane, etc.
Really, almost everything, of course, except aircraft carrier that will be made in next few years. Cool

Everything you buy from china will more cheap than anywhere. Never buy anything from Europe or USA, infact they all made in china, European and American only change their price. Cool

If you can tell me which city you dady will visit, maybe I can give you some special guide. Smile

07:26 AM Apr 21 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

yeah… he just now called me telling me that he's in baking something like that … maybe he meant " Bijing " << the capital ? i am not sure .. but is there another city which start by " B" OR just bijing <<< i think yeah he's there :$ ^^ heeheee

 so tell me about the things which i mentioned up .. from where exactly he can buy it ? and is there an historcial thing for buy in some place ?? <<<< i don't wanna present actually i just want these kind of things to help me in my project and presention got it ? :) i am waiting for you friend hope you help me as soon as possible …

03:25 PM Apr 21 2008 |



Hello, emm, it should be "beijing", then you can tell you dady to hang around the "琉璃厂" (Liu Li Chang), it's a historcial culture street.

And what's your project?

If you need some special gif what is about culture and history,
I suggest that you can consider a "文房四宝"("Wen Fang Si Bao"), means " the four treasures of the study", it include "chinese brush pen", "chinese solid ink", "chinese paper for painting", "grind fine"(for make solid ink to liquid).

I think "Wen Fang Si Bao" will be a very special ornamental to put on your desk or bookcase and show it to your friends.
It's easy to bring and hard enough to avoid to break on travels.

Also there's so many other intetresting stuff can be took, e.g. " folding fan", " coloured glaze stuff", "chinese  painting and calligraphy" and so on.

Wish you will get a wonderful gif and have a good time for you dady in beijin.

Oh, BTW, you only need tell you dady the name of the place, and just to get a taxi, show driver the name of the place, he will send you dady to there. Smile

04:33 PM Apr 21 2008 |



You are welcome, Friend. :)

06:57 AM Apr 22 2008 |




what is the special present more?

07:29 AM Apr 22 2008 |



hi what is in the Tibet?


11:03 PM Apr 22 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

wooooow , i have never ever think about these kinds of things … thanks a loooot Lian i really appractice your help.

i will call dady today and tell him to bring these things =) so happy for your reply friend .. thanks again !

01:00 PM Apr 24 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

nichol … cyprus … i couldn't understand your questions..

anyway ! thanks friends for being here to answer ME :)

01:02 PM Apr 24 2008 |




Hope you can enjoy the stuff you dady buy for you. Lian's idea is perfect. If you want to know or present chinese history and culture, you can also pick a paint named "清明上河图“, which shows the scenes of the Chinese people's life of 800 years ago.

04:37 PM Apr 24 2008 |