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Women should sit at home and take care of children.





    Women should sit at home and take care of children. It's right? Why?

05:02 AM May 06 2008 |

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I don't think so.I think that woman is free to do what she wants.If she wants to stay at home she can stay but if she wants to go to work she should work.It is her decision.

07:51 AM May 08 2008 |

fanni szabo



I think women should decide if they want to be housewifes or bussineswomen. But in my opinion who decides to have children (every women should be a mother one day I think) will also feel necessary to have at least a part time job after her children started to go to school. Having a job will make a woman more confident and gives her the happines of success after the years spent at home while her kids were toddlers.

11:11 AM May 08 2008 |



Tahirh, I'm afraid I haven't understood your point when you advised me to write correct regarding grammar stuff. :-?? I would like you to reply to my comment because I don't think I've made grammar mistakes. Smile

11:38 AM May 08 2008 |




Dear Didi 

NO mistakes. Because I'm not sure mine are correct too. But your message is clear and understood. What I trying to do here, let's talk and express what we think right but of course write in a polite way so that we won't insult other people feeling. Please accept my apology if my previous statement hurt other feelings because that is not my intention.

You can see here the womens are giving different views and thoughts. I think it's their right and free to decide (freedom of speech) what they want to do. Nobody control them. Of course if we are a married couple we have to discuss with our partner first to find a solution and to find a better way to survive in order to support the family. If we have parents, we also have to discuss with them for a good result so that we won't regret later.

Warmest Regards 

01:33 PM May 08 2008 |



no women shouldnt stay at home,she must try to do everything the man does.everything is depend on her mind.indra gandi was a women….


01:40 PM May 08 2008 |




How good the womens are, still there is one thing that man will always on top (guess what?) no offense with this question  

01:54 PM May 08 2008 |

Stanley Zhao


No,it's not right.Women should sit at home and take care of children.    cooking, washing.

02:32 PM May 08 2008 |




Tahirh: yeah.. If our partner is millionaire, why should I go work? My first job is just stay at home counting our money Money mouth  and all my property Laughing...and ofcourse manage our side business from our home by Internet…Good Idea!! Wink.

But first…let me dreamin about that…Innocent


Stanley: U are very conventional or..like a feudal (?) man in my country ! cooking and washing? hm..we have technology, right? Use machine for those jobs!!



04:39 AM May 09 2008 |




No, no and the flat: no! :P

It would be irrational I think. We should develop ourselves, our possibilities. We should achieve many succeses, we ought to be satissfied with our life. Would cooking and taking care of children satisfy an average woman! Absolutly no! Each of us needs to be apprieciated, to be pointed out , to be successful or sth. What's more if a woman does not works, she feels unwanted, she needs this satisfaction to do sth on her own, to gain something precious and valid in life. I think in this way ;P 

04:16 PM May 09 2008 |





Thank You my Friends! 

I read all answers. Very good! I've not thought that this topic being highest categoriy discuss.

I think women should choose. 

04:21 AM May 13 2008 |