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Women should sit at home and take care of children.





    Women should sit at home and take care of children. It's right? Why?

05:02 AM May 06 2008 |

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We women are made for a role that should not be considered less important .Sitting at home is not considered a task that is relaxing.Taking care of the children needs energy,intelligence and tough love.So iwould not be ashame if i choose to take care of my children and at the same time understand better these creatures better than baby sitters.I don't condemn working mothers for most of them do double sacrifices.Not all who choose to stay home and manage personally their home affairs are less intelligent.It's a matter of choice and sometimes depends on the circumstances why mother works and sometimes a matter of satisfaction.Viva le donne

07:32 PM May 14 2008 |




it's bad attitude which deny the base rights of women.

every human being need the possibility to chose what makes him/her happy.

11:17 AM May 15 2008 |



I think that women should stay at home and take care of  children. If they don't do like this, there will be during this century very few children. And you know what will then happen. I also know that isn't easy. The women nowadays want to have the same rights like the men. So, I think that is something that should happen, but can't be.

11:50 AM May 15 2008 |



In this era, a lot of women are employed in some big companies and sometimes holds a highend position. Somebody commented about balance, its true its just a matter of managing ones time. You can be a mom, housewife and a career woman at the same time as long as you can take responsibility on both your family and career.  Life is so hard now , prices of commodities rise up fast, specially in some Asian countries like ours.  It would be more beneficial for the family if women also find time to explore themselves and use their abilities to contribute on the family income.  Men are now open minded about this idea- their wives working to help establish the welfare of their children specially on education. But it still depends because I know a lot of women who really opted to be a full time mom to their children instead of pursuing their career, because they want to nurture their child in the way they want it to be.

02:39 PM May 15 2008 |




yeahh I think men and women both have equal rights..:) agreeee with everybody who supports  that Smile...

02:57 PM May 15 2008 |



that is great topic

in my opinion women should sit at home and take care of children



10:46 PM May 15 2008 |




I think this is the best situation for a family which has young children. One of the parents should stay at home with kids.

(If one of the parents' salary can afford the family's expenses.)


04:26 AM May 16 2008 |




uh wow Mirzogolib your topic is really attracting all.

One most important things to keep our nations survive is our younger generation [I referred  to our kids, though i don't have a kids]. Its seems like its an order for women but not the right to choose that we should be sitting at home taking care of the family. Its both parents responsibility to educate and groom their children personality. Think back at time, women not only work 8 hours per day or even longer hours and still are able to manage their family. hei don't you think we womens are incredible? 

my mom works, the only time i can see her face is when the sun goes down and still she bring us up very well. 


06:12 AM May 16 2008 |




Yes, agreed with Rusminah from my own beloved country. Woman not only incredible, they are superwoman, fabulous, marvelous and many more words that does not cross my mind right now. Without woman, i hardly can sleep (i mean my spouse).

09:33 AM May 19 2008 |



i do believe that woman and man are equals . if the man are earn high income, the woman of course can do housework in home.

06:14 AM Feb 26 2009 |