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Women should sit at home and take care of children.





    Women should sit at home and take care of children. It's right? Why?

05:02 AM May 06 2008 |

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Canna :)

Canna :)


it hard to answer yes or no.. coz ppl have different personalities Foot in mouth some women would like to go out do her work but the other like take care their baby..   woman and man are equality..so find job is also like that..    

but about me… the answer  is  NO Undecided coz I would like to do my job~ but it isn't mean I never take care my child.. just means not all the time..

06:51 AM Feb 26 2009 |



woman should do whatever she wants but it is with permission from her husband of course. If they have children, so they should both take good care of their childrens, when they are home,some women love to do works in office, but it doesnt mean that they wont guide and take good care of their child, they can though make a multi-task about their job, husband, child and the whole family. women is great! they dont waste time!

07:03 AM Feb 26 2009 |




i don't think so , baby should send to nursery for education , and women can go to work or any places they wanted , do work, or business or service ,give women a chance to distribute they efforts to society .

01:59 AM Feb 27 2009 |



Absolutely NO…Women can also work.But generally they choose to stay at home and take care of their children.

10:12 PM Mar 03 2009 |




as men , women also have rights and duties!!!

10:48 PM Mar 03 2009 |



His idea is based on his native culture, it is a problem that wrong or correct. we should respect him.

02:30 AM Mar 04 2009 |



No i don't agree with you because a women have a freedom to choose if she wish to work or sit at home and take care of her children

she can work where she are able to reconcile between her work and her children & home needs

12:04 PM Mar 04 2009 |




who can take good care of a child ?

12:14 PM Mar 04 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

It's wrong, why?Women's role started in the WWI, at first her role was just limit to cooking for soldiers, healing them! But during the WWI, many men dead, and suffered from war! So, women showed up to be a part of the military, to fight in the first line just like men!~ gender wasn't the case of the war!~ it was the need of so many people to exchange places and try to deal with the hard situations like wars.There were many women who do the role of spy, just for their country. ·          Mrs. St. Clair who worked for 18 hours in Bosnia supporting the army ( she wrote some diaries and used the press to show how people lived their and suffering and that there were roles for women alike men).·          Elsey (qualify doctor) a female nurse who formed a hospital in France.·          1907, Cavell joined to help in this hospital by healing the soldiers and she arrested.·          In Belgium Gabrielle, create a female leadership.·          In France they had employed (53)women in army as a messengers (many of them dead and others arrested).·          Jacqui Tonq face same dangerous situation during her work as a nurse (operator).·           Women also volunteer to make a bullets in France.·          There was also Maud a farmer.·          Women also ride the airplane.·          There were many organizations of women.·          There was the Greenham (a women peace's camp) which Wilson group (group of women) fought against the creating of nuclear weapons (and they treated those women badly simply because those women wanted to live with their children in peace)  Life of women during wars especially WW2 was so hard, they separated from their families, children. They didn't want that but they "had" and forced to do so, why? To defend their countries, to see their children live in a clean, comfortable environment Not among disasters, enemies ..etc.Nowadays, we can see women everywhere, working so hard. And what's that for? For the future of their children for sure!~ tell me something, if a woman wasn't educated (How she will teach her child and show him the good way?) if she didn't work (How she will provide his needs? (you may say the husband can do this job But believe today no one grantee that the problems within marriage will not appear, so in case woman divorced or her husband traveled, dead she will be able to deal and keep going in her life without depending and waiting for other to help her!Woman like men (or maybe more than that)! our previous president of UAE (Papa Zayed: God bless his soul to paradise) believed in that, he even believed that the woman consider half of the socity.According to him : " woman half of society".

Because that, because we want to benefit our country, our family, our children in the future we need to work hard, we need to deal with every new thing happen in this world, we need to get  knowledge of everything to know what's the right and what's the wrong!~

watch "War Women" movies and you will recognize the importance of women to become a part of her nation.

02:45 PM Mar 04 2009 |

jeremy burke


Men generally make more money than women and the cost of daycare\nanny..etc very expensive.Most women are naturally nurtuing.If you have family members close to you it would be great, like the childrens grand prarents.This is a big portion of the day that they are learning and family should e teaching them not uncle television or a stranger.Family dynamics are changng and the kids are suffering for it.To answer the question yes it is a good idea for women to stay with thier children if it works better for a perticular family that the an is better nurturer and she is better provider so be it ,but Think one of them should definitly be there for the children if at all possible.Many single family units with out this option. Being there man or woman with the kids as they grow is worth more than the money you cold ave made. just my opinion. thanks. Sorry for the spelling and punctuation errors always had trouble with that.:)

09:03 PM May 09 2011 |