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More help with Chinese dialogues requested



United States

Hello! Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could please, please help with the following dialogues that I wrote in Mandarin Chinese. I am wondering if there are any mistakes? 

 Thank you very much for any help that you can give!!

Conversation 17

A 你认识汉字吗? Can you read Chinese characters?

B  我不认识。I can't read them.

A 你要学吗? Will you study them?

B  当然要学。 Of course I will study them.

Conversation 18

你怎么认识他? How do you know him?

他是我的同学。He is my classmate.

他是美国人吗? Is he an American?

不是。是德国人。No, he's not. He's German.

Conversation 19

这是课本吗? Is this a textbook?

不是。是小说。 No, it's not. It's a novel.

有趣吗? Is it interesting?

没有趣。No, it's not interesting.

Conversation 20

你的工作是什么? What is your work?

我是记者。I am a journalist.

你喜欢你的工作吗? Do you like your work?

是的。很有趣。Yeah. It's really interesting.

05:24 PM May 06 2008 |

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u 're very good



02:45 AM May 07 2008 |




Good job,man!

I guess you're good at speaking Chinese,aren't you?

i can't find out any mistake in your translation.Except these two sentences:没有趣  和  你的工作是什么?

Do you think _No ,i don't think it's interesting. and   What do you do?_will be better?

04:46 AM May 07 2008 |




u wrote it all by urself?


to my surprise…hehe

06:12 AM May 07 2008 |



WELL DONE ,ALJE , good job ,hope you can come to beijing ,your chinese is good ,really !!


06:50 AM May 07 2008 |



United States

Sukya, your English translations are more natural English, but I'm trying to keep the English and the Chinese as close as possible, since I am part of a study group that practices Chinese together on Saturdays.

We could say:

What is you work?

What do you do for work?

What do you do for a living?

What is your profession? (that's a little different though)


04:33 PM May 07 2008 |