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Do you like the United States of America?




Or does not like USA?

12:42 PM May 11 2008 |

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Soket..maybe U mean Government of USA, right? not America as a country and America people! Coz..in fact we still know about American dream… this refer to  life improving..specially work, salary, and such that..

08:19 AM May 13 2008 |




...actually I don't know really about life style in America.. I just see it by movies from USA ..Even, maybe, it's not all correct..just some.., maybe! OK..can U tell me Nu, is it true or not?..Smile

05:52 AM May 14 2008 |




I cant say anything to people in America in my opinion they are innocent maybe it doesnt concern them.But the American governmet's aim's affects are getting ugly in the world…

12:08 PM May 14 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

as a place it should be nice but as a culture or politic aims i'm not sure

01:43 PM May 14 2008 |



LaughingI knew The California and Florida States, I thought wonderful. Because the things there work out. The people are very polite, the means of transportation works better and the stuffs are cheaper than my country. I love my country but it could follow the example of the USA or other country like Europe.  I don't agree with this war. I think that all presidents or governor should act with their mind and say no to the war.

02:10 PM May 14 2008 |



United States

you wrong! you must know to do the difference between the united states of america and his government because it's not the same thing!

 united states of america is a very nice country!with the best constitution of the world! the american are cool, open-minded, from all countries!

the real problem is the government who overstep the bounds of his power to do these bad things, espacially for the petrol and the money!

if you learn History, you'd know the war between USA and Soviet Union is without Good and Evil! Usa isn't right and S.U. neither! they wanna impose their ideology and this was the world who knew the paine, the war and the death for them, for their ideology! S.U. was fallen because Gorbatchev decide to give up the race ( this was a race for them!)!

today, that's the governement who make shit in our world!

no the america, just a minority of person who got the power, control the information, the corruption and the weapon's trafic!

you attack your enemy without know him, it's very dangerous! and i think you help him because every person who believe you attack a ghost, a chimera! and the real Evil is quiet!

03:22 PM May 14 2008 |






When the Soviet Union collapse America, which praises Bush senior, unless she has not seen what this is accompanied by global blood?

The collapse of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin that the Americans imposed "reforms", which led to the extinction of Russia. 8-10 million people exterminated through the United States – is not terrorism highest samples?

Former Minister of Justice of the U.S. government Carter Ramzi Clark emphasizes that during the reign of Reagan, the U.S. is no longer necessary to hide the open use of force and violence worldwide. Robbery invasion of Grenada was a prime example of the will of the United States to war and violence … U.S. State Terrorism in Nicaragua with the help of gangs contras filed a signal that the United States is ready to apply and amplify the use of force in its anti-civilization and anti historic mission … Robberies bombing of Tripoli in April 1986 was committed for killing members of foreign governments and terrorize civilians. The result of this act of state terrorism the U.S. has been killing civilians and destroying civilian facilities. President Reagan was not empowered to order such an attack. This act of terrorism is a flagrant violation of international law. President Reagan committed the international war crime as a result of which would be! whether killed or wounded hundreds of civilians.

Summarizing the main installations of its doctrine, President Reagan announced in 1986 that clandestine subversive operations against other states have always been part of public policy at all times. The United States had an absolute right to conduct clandestine subversive operations if these operations serve the interests of the United States.

The American legal nihilism, a unilateral renunciation of the Helsinki Accords, and led to the war in Yugoslavia that claimed 300000 victims already in Europe.


Reagan Doctrine led to large-scale, global clandestine war against the Soviet Union, whose goal was to implement geopolitical installation NSC-68: the destruction and dismemberment of the Soviet Union, winning the post-Soviet geopolitical space and establish a regime outweigh strong U.S. forces in the world. As well-known American scientists Mishio Kaku and Daniel Ahelrod stress in his book "Winning a nuclear war, Reagan and his administration have identified 80 – eleventh years as the pre situation.

In an interview with the newspaper "Jerusalem Post in October 1983, Reagan said that the imminent destruction of the Soviet Union" should be the last decisive battle – Armagedonom described in the Bible. "

In August 1984, President Reagan Psycho speaking on the radio said "I signed legislation prohibiting the Soviet Union. Rocket strike begins in 5 minutes."

To test the political will and undermining morality Soviet Union, the CIA and Pentagon strategists in close cooperation with Israel to hold joint terrorist operations against the Soviet Union, stressed Naum Homski: In 1982, Israeli fighters, carrying out large-scale terrorist operation in Lebanon aimed at the seizure of West Beirut in blatant violation of UN resolutions, brutally killed 200 Russian soldiers serving anti-Syrian defence system, shelled and bombed embassy of the Soviet Union, and after the shelling, Israeli secret services have occupied the Soviet embassy during two days of the Soviet Union … it does not officially reacted.

In Peter Schweitzer published book "Winning", based on previously secured documents, as well as interviews with American politicians, including William Colby, former CIA director, described the upheaval covert war against the Soviet Union, held in violation of the norms of general international law and bilateral treaties concluded between the Soviet Union and the United States. This war, according to the author not only, but also adviser to President Reagan, Richard Pipes, and led to the defeat of the Soviet Union.

Most recently, Richard Pipes noted that "the Reagan administration formulated and implemented a systematic strategy to undermine the Soviet Union, primarily through the CIA, and it is this strategy and led to the disintegration of the Soviet Union"

In conclusion, according to Directive 165 National Security Council (NSDD-165), signed by President Reagan in March 1985, the dissemination of subversive operations on the territory of the Soviet Union and its nature has changed, including the already open military operations and terrorist acts not only armed and trained terrorists U.S., but also parts of the CIA. Departments have been masked by the CIA Mojahedin, Shvaytser notes in his book.

Secondly, that also is widely known recruiting and equipping terrorists and mercenaries, or the establishment of military factions and groups in the State to undermine or overthrow the unwanted U.S. government, for example in the Congo, Chile, Guatemala, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Laos – only a few examples. The total number of cases of CIA terrorist subversive activities aimed at undermining or overthrowing unwanted U.S. government-including the attempted assassinations-estimated thousands.

We can say that conquest aims and objectives of the architects of the New world order progressively develop and expand, which gave the rulers of Washington to better use the threat of force and threat of aggressive war. After the destruction of the Soviet Union, their aggressive goals and objectives have become so pervasive that led to aggressive aggressive wars against colonial control over Iraq's oil reserves, and against Yugoslavia for control of the Balkan Peninsula, is included in the scope of American hegemony. As in Iraq and in Yugoslavia Americans committed crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

07:10 PM May 14 2008 |





In the last century, the world escaped another nuclear attack thanks to the will of one man. U.S. wanted to dumping of nuclear bombs on China to blockade Taiwan Strait. Strategic bombers were preparing to fly a task for the first team. But the order was never followed. The then U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower refused to drastic measures against Beijing. And now Washington is increasingly concerned about China's growing military power, so he has no intention of descending from his eyes.

07:20 PM May 14 2008 |



Unless you live in that place you could never say if you like it or not.You have to feel with your skin and not be influenced by news or whatever political propaganda.It is unfair for honest Americans to be categorized evil because of the freedom they practice.There are many Americans who enjoy their freedom but they carry it with responsibility.Freedom they use to help others I know it because my American friends are such wonderful persons and they have deep towards others.

08:09 PM May 14 2008 |



i mean deep love towards others


08:13 PM May 14 2008 |