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Do you like the United States of America?




Or does not like USA?

12:42 PM May 11 2008 |

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United States

"Noam Homsky" LOL.

 The article states what everyone knows – that there was a "cold" war between the United States and the Soviet Union, with covert operations, spying, and proxy wars going on by both sides.

The fall of the Soviet Union has more to do with depressed oil and gas prices and an inability to develop a native information technology sector – in the 1980s, IBM alone produced more midframe  and supercomputers than the entire Soviet Union produced calculators. Beyond that was the perennial problem of Russian politics – the inability of Moscow to govern the provinces due to corruption and distorted channels of information.

As a student of Russian history, I would argue that Russia follows a cyclical pattern – intense periods of creativity and development (literature and the arts in the 19th century, aerospace and engineering in the 20th century) followed by periods of stagnation – what you refer to as "zastoi" – Brezhnyev, Nikolai II, the period after the reign of Ivan Grozny. 


05:11 AM May 15 2008 |




Country USA

as silent "democrats" Innocent

"I was present in the courtyard of Congress when the Declaration of Independence was read out. Of the decent people while almost

nobody was."

Charles Biddl, 1776

U.S. recognized the principal violator of fundamental international agreements.
   U.S. has still not ratified the Convention on Discrimination Ban Women, the Treaty on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the

Convention on the Rights of Children (except the United States, the last agreement was not ratified by only one country in the world –


United States – the world center of espionage. "Internal Security Agency the U.S. and British Ministry Centre constitute the largest

espionage organization ever existed in the world that can listen to conversations taking place in almost every corner of the world."

America – the world's largest debtor. The state is the biggest debtor, the United States corporations – also, not to mention

themselves Americans, who traditionally live on credit. In sum produced about 30 trillion dollars debt that exceeds U.S. GDP in about

three times GDP and the Earth – a little bit. 1.58 billion dollars – the average amount by which the daily increasing U.S. government


The U.S. city renowned for schools that emphasized their outstanding graduates can not read or take.

There are 28 terrorist groups operating at present in 18 countries, according to the State Department list of foreign terrorist

organizations active … In the period 1990-1999 the United States supplied arms 16 of these 18 countries. In addition, the U.S.

military and the CIA trained armed forces of many of these 18 countries American military tactics of fighting.

In 2004, U.S. government debt on pensions and health insurance before the military, veterans and byudzhetnikami totaled 268 billion


Of the 5 countries that have the largest oil reserves in the world, America does not control only one, Iran. Just a year ago, there

were two, but Iraq they are already "liberated".

Of the review based on data from the U.S. government, it is clear that there illegally used labor 290,000 children, 14,000 of them –

under 14 – the age, and some do not dotyanuli to nine.

Few people are aware that in the United States now operates like a cruel punitive military justice. It is a total surveillance of

people employed by military courts, people garden in prison without trial.

108 million Americans can not afford to go to the dentist.

The main transit country and country of destination of trafficking are the United States. Every year in the United States for sexual

exploitation of imported about 50 thousand women and children.

Censorship in America has always been. Only in presidential speeches is a free country where everyone speaks and writes that wants. In

fact, is a constant struggle of journalists and power, in which at different stages in the history of the situation evolved

differently. Now freedom of speech is gradually cut, as evidenced by the recent prohibition of critical articles, programming, etc.

(now referred to as "Unpatriotic" and "facilitating terrorism").

To eradicate hunger worldwide is required, according to the UN, with 15 billion dollars. Another 6 billion dollars needed to ensure

ALL population of the planet clean drinking water. And another 15 billion to provide basic medical care. It would seem that what is

the most powerful nations of the world to allocate these amounts from its huge budget and thus undermine the social base of terrorism,

but the U.S. will never go for it. Unable to look rich, if not poor. Instead, Bush signed the aid dying in November 2001 a huge

contract (200 billion dollars) for the construction of another fighter – Joint Strike Fighter. This is 13 years without a hungry

existence of the planet …

Very typical of the U.S. almost total media silence massacres in East Timor, seized by Indonesia after Suharto came to power (in

proportion to the population they were the most large-scale killings after the Holocaust). Hostage W. Timor was made with the consent

and participation of the United States, and the silence of the outstanding shares of its brutality was so full that the world about it

almost know nothing.

father of the so-called "yellow press", that is, the press, based on sensations – American multimillioner Rendolf William Hurst. He is

one of the sponsors of the myth of Ukrainian "golodomor", and its most ardent antisovetchik Assistant fascists. He bought their

stories for any price, and if suitable massacres and loud Affairs not happened, journalists and photographers should fabricate them.

Publish articles in their newspapers Hitler and Mussolini, shot a documentary film glorifies fascism "Says Mussolini", which became a

hit in the American cinema.

The Government is constantly evolving brutally suppressed uprisings, riots and rallies.

taxes have increased 50 times since 1938

Thousands of terrorists, war criminals and bandits living in the U.S., absolutely without fear of arrest, because their crimes

sponsored America and fully consistent with its interests. Worse, their education was also in America, for example., In the School of

the Americas.

August 15, 1971 America declared itself bankrupt because it could not or did not want to pay more real money, secured gold. Thus, the

value of the dollar is supported only a myth "Great America."

Robbery developing countries, the U.S. and its western associates leads to the fact that in developing countries for this reason that

every year from hunger and disease associated with him, kills tens of millions of people. Only at the official statement by UNICEF,

half a million children die every year due to the debt crisis.

USA took 1 – first place in the world in social inequality.

USA took 1 – first place in the world by number of ideologues: 200,000. All of them are busy brainwashing of ordinary Americans

As you know, in America there is the death penalty. On that occasion, recently came out study, which shows that between 1973 and 1995.

in 68% of justice mistaken. Mix. Nedosmotrelo. Some have been saved.

USA – one of the few countries where executed mentally ill and children. On that occasion, America refuses to sign the UN drafted a

law on the rights of children. Similarly, it comes only Somalia.

since 1970, the middle class began to noticeably diminish. In the richest country in the world there is rapidly growing inequality and

poverty to raise concerns.

19 of civilized countries the U.S. has the lowest quality of medical care, which is reflected in the very high child mortality. Every

year, from 40 to 90 thousand deaths in the United States occur because of medical errors and incompetence.

According to official figures in 1997 in the U.S. 35 million people were desperately poor and has been for 11 million more than in


In fact, American media have become propaganda machinery used by authorities to manipulate public opinion.

Freedom of conscience is, they are only on paper. In fact, with the "wrong" religions and Christianity areas there is war.

The United States produce and sell more weapons than any other country in the world.

The United States – a country which invented and first used concentration camps, only they called "reservations" and used a scale that

Hitler and not snilis. Hitler claimed that his idea of establishing concentration camps and genocide, he drew feasibility study of

U.S. history. He admired that in his time in the Wild West were set up camp for Indians. Before his court, he often praised the

efficiency of physical extermination of American technology – the imposition fight hunger and inequality in the face of forces.

The United States – a country which ranks first in the world in surveillance of its citizens.

in the States each year was about 11 thousand porn, the annual turnover of funds in pornobiznese reaches 10 billion dollars U.S. At

the production of pornographic videos, their demonstrations on TV and the Internet earn quite good and very large companies. Among

them are referred to as General Motors, AOL Time Warner, hotel chain Marriott and Hilton. In its financial statements grants American

economy prefer not to indicate the sources of income in order not to spoil their reputation.

America was a country of farmers. In 1980 – years of flying the flag of globalization has reached a religion of money to them. The

largest agricultural corporations – Cargill, ConAgra, IBP and others – destroyed the majority of small and medium-sized farmers and

herders. Now agriculture is dominated by huge corporations farms, which use a purely industrial technology. Two-thirds of labourers on

farms American corporations do not speak English. This legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico and Latin America who receive minimum

wage and live in old trailers or in slums. They were dismissed from their jobs every few months so as not to pay any insurance and

benefits. Today in America in the prison population more than free farmers.

perversion of medical experiments on prisoners of war are attributed, primarily, only fascists and (if anyone still believes our

masters-democrats) communists. In fact, these Americans are involved.

Sociologists suggest that only 3% for the wars in the 20 century, the responsibility rests with the USSR, 60 – 70% – in the western

states and 25-35 on "independent" third world countries. Only 4% in 20 wars – first century USSR acted aggressor, while the United

States – in 30% of all the 20-century wars were initiated.

07:54 AM May 15 2008 |



South Korea

What the hell kind of question's like this! there are various people those who're neat, honest, kind, eye-popper, handsome, beautiful, dorky, insane, pervert, frosty etc. you shouldn't have updated such like this stuff. out of curiosity, Will you pissed at someone if he or she abhors Russia? No offence, I'm just asking. well, actually I fond of all the countries without any discrimination. ya, anyway don't try to check if someone likes any country or not. and hang out for asking like this. and finally, I'm sorry if I made you pissed off.

08:04 AM May 15 2008 |



i like us very much .i like english very much but i do not have chance to practice it so i hope to find many friends .if u have the same wish,just come to my page.wait all of you.

08:21 AM May 15 2008 |





07:31 AM May 16 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

I believe that the governments of such people .. and I love America and I think that people of good

09:28 AM May 16 2008 |



Like neighbor, I can say that USA it´s not my favorite country.

Abuse to latinamericans that cross the border in the search of the "american dream", wars without a real reason, intervention in countries where they don´t have to participate, excess in their way of life, but there´s only the part that the media makes us to know.

I have no doubt that between the millions of americans, most of them are good persons.

It´s a polemic forum, but you have to considered that every country has its own evil people: drug dealers, politicians, perverts, etc.

04:58 PM May 16 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

 i love every piece of the earth… it all have its good points and respectable people should be respect from any where… although the mistakes of a few people , they are still afew…

05:33 PM May 16 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


When people talking about USA…I think it's just like Britney's song about boys..

she said "boys….cant live with them, cant live without them"

now change the boys with USA

I really really think it's a take it or leave it kind of situation..if you really hate and dislike USA, stop using american products, stop export your stuff to USA, beat USA on paying the UN tax (it will be a good thing really), and instead of blaming USA for the fall of USSR…why dont you start to build your country and try to beat USA..economically maybe?

Just a suggestion…

Do I like USA?

I can only say: HOOAH

05:17 PM May 17 2008 |

king love

king love

Saudi Arabia

we must hate the government but don't hate people in there

10:07 PM May 17 2008 |