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Do you like the United States of America?




Or does not like USA?

12:42 PM May 11 2008 |

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Those who said they hate america have you ever been there?? I mean we should not generalize things. There are good and bad things about america.. There are good and bad americans…

 I personally like americans .. I think their life is great… I havent been there though. I have talked to lots of americans because iam working in a customer service company located here in the Philippines but servicing american customers. They really are demanding and need action immediately and sometimes act stupid which really piss me but i understand that because i know that they are busy as hell and they don't want any running around the bush.. and if you satisfy them they do really say thank you which i believe very important to feel the appreciation….


10:36 PM May 17 2008 |




I think that there is a misunderstanding.
we Or I do not hate American people at all. I love the American people and I respect the history and civilization of the United States of America because I am sure that many American love peace and freedom of peoples. Want the American people and all the best progress and prosperity …
Problem in American foreign policy.
I see on television that many of the American against the policy of force and the war .. that kills criminals and the innocent, and everybody …
I saddens me greatly to the events of 9 / September this criminal act of terrorism which killed thousands of innocent American and others. I am a Muslim and against the work of bin Laden name of Islam. "Islam does not call for killing people, not animals and plants do not even …. Worm on the ground .. etc..
But the use of violence against violence because it will not lead to the result but would increase the killing and the blood of innocent people.
I am against political name of combating terrorism … It is in fact more terrorism and hatred between peoples …
Wars everywhere and the killing of children and women … name of defending freedom and spreading peace ..
All I want to tell you my dear friend, we are against U.S. political in the fight against terrorism. And with the great American people want him goodness and peace.
                                Dreamy peace.

              I'm sorry for errors in the English.

12:41 PM May 24 2008 |



maybe a good place

01:46 PM May 24 2008 |