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an important person in your life



I was influenced much by my father in my childhood and teenage. Though he is always very strict, I can feel his love, and I am taught to be honest and kindhearted. The Father's Day is coming, and I want to thank him for his permanent love.

12:33 PM May 17 2008 |

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Dear tawnydaylily. Why don’t you write something for your father? Something with your words, your feelings because i believe that a present which buy in any shop isn’t adequated to thank someone for something.

09:49 AM May 18 2008 |




my mother, my husband and my sons…they are one for my life.

04:39 AM May 19 2008 |



you're very lucky tawnydaylily.

I've never felt my parent's love although they gave me a good education in life and brought me up very well.

Nowdays I live far from they. I have two young sons who I try to give them all my love to avoid them feeling my sad feelings about. 

06:56 AM May 19 2008 |



Family members are always close to each other in our country.Traditionally,most parents are willing to live with their children especially when they are old,instead of going to nursing home. It must be different in your country.

 What I want to say is that there are always differences existing in the world,different races,different countries and different ages.Maybe your parents didn't give love you wanted,but I do think they care much about you.You just need more communication.It's until now that can I realize my father's love,he used to treat me  irritable before I went to college.

01:59 PM May 27 2008 |




for someone important person is father and some mother and  so on….if you gonna talk about important person in your life there are gonna be pretty much…but what do we mean when we say that person was important in my life!? that individual was important in what? education?nurturing you?bringing up you as well as usually all parents do? I don't know what to say cause I didn't get the point??? as for me the important thing in my life was life itself…i don't mean that i'm orphan or something…but was brought up to get all I need from life..life is a teacher, master, it points you where to go what to do…..    but the persons that I really appreciate love respect and can do every thing for them are my parents…I love them..good bless them and all of you…   


02:38 PM May 27 2008 |




the most important person in my life is my mother , she gaved me alot of things and i hop that some day i will do the same for her .Cool

02:53 PM May 27 2008 |




ya,my parents is everythig to me.exspecialy my mom.

06:27 PM May 27 2008 |



United Arab Emirates


i think that in your life you run to different kind of people some of them simply leave print make them importat

my mom is the most important person to me iwish she know that


09:03 PM May 27 2008 |



Roa, sometimes we assume that everybody knows we love them, but it would be nice for the people we love and care, if we tell them "I love you" or we give them a hug.

The little details can make the difference and can remind your dear ones that you love them, even if you don´t use to do it frequently.


09:35 PM May 27 2008 |