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hello friends!


i have some use ful skill to speak and learn english in quick time

so please join me at  



to share and swap our english skills



your Everwelwisher 

12:38 PM Dec 17 2006 |

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hello, nice to meet you. now, i work in Lahore. i'd like to be your friend. waiting for your message.

03:29 PM Dec 19 2006 |



Nida nice name )))  Lithuania have a city NIDA very nice plase 

12:08 PM Dec 20 2006 |




hi Everwelwisher, i really what to learn very much in english, my problem is speak in english, my confident is become lower and i started to afraid when someone speaking is very confident. How can you help me. please tell me.

04:23 AM Dec 21 2006 |




can i join the club.

04:25 AM Dec 21 2006 |




Dorris, first of all, you have to widen your vocabulary.  To have a wider vocabulary, you have to read and read.  When you read an unfamiliar word, or difficult word, the first thing to do is look up the word in the dictionary.  Then, get the meaning including the word stress, the pronounciation, the  synonyms.  Then, pronounce the word correctly according to the word stress, and pronounce the letters according to the International Phonetic Alphabet.  Then, memorize the word.  And, keep a flash card, and whenever you read the word again, you can look at the flash card.  Flash card is also for the pronounciation.

 Then, click on the daily lesson given here on englishbaby, englishtown, and englishpage or surf the net for the various websites of english pronounciation, grammar, etc. etc. etc.

By the way, not just speaking english should you learn, but to write english also.  And improve on your reading speed.  You should be aware of how you pronounce the letters in a word.  For instance, we, Filipinos, pronounce F as p, V as b, Th  as t, and so on. 

Good luck.

03:47 AM Dec 22 2006 |




easy tip to improve vocabulary is

try to find atleast 3 new words on daily basis, try to use them in

your own daily conversation.

after one week you will find some improvement in your speaking.

THESE are WORDS we need to SPEAK




09:35 AM Dec 24 2006 |