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wanna name of soap opara in british accent please help me

nono ksa

nono ksa

Saudi Arabia



hey guys   how are you  ?

frist i liked this site alot cause there is alot of things to learn from 

second i want name of soap opara i can watch on youtube  so please  do help me   and give me some of names   ...

thanks for reading this topic

09:30 AM May 30 2008 |

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Mapleleaf Man


Coronation Street

East Enders


10:59 AM May 30 2008 |

Sarah Zhu

Sarah Zhu


East Enders LOL

03:37 PM May 30 2008 |




what the hell are ya talking about,im totally lost

05:04 PM May 30 2008 |

nono ksa

nono ksa

Saudi Arabia



thanks  Mapleleaf man and sarah  for passing   and  vague  i was talking about story you can watch on tv  daily  story  but with british accent  not american accent   and thanks  for passing

03:53 AM May 31 2008 |