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Thanksgiving For Help After Earthquake




Thanksgiving For Help After Earthquake (by Free)  In May 12,2008,A massive earthquake stroked my hometown, county Wenchun, Sichuan province.More than 12 million persons were hit.More than 180 thousand people were injured.More than 6 thousand persons dead ……The sad news shakes up all over the world.Sorrow and pain fill up very Chinese heart. Billions people on the seven seasare giving us a hand.Although the ways from land, water and air were all obstructed,they have being rapidly digged through by bare feet and hands in strong aftershocks.Urgent succors and things have being rapidly transported to the disaster areas.The buried has being rapidly digged out.The wounded has being rapidly medical treated.The growing disasters being removed one by one.I believe that many new homesteads will be rapidly rebuilt under powerful leading of Chinese government In the near future. I deputy my hometown dumb millions to extremely thanks for all helps!Thanks Chinese people and government!Thanks very one who given help for uson the whole world!

05:49 PM Jun 24 2008 |