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Looking for native speaker voice chat partner




Hi everyone! I'm a boy, 18, from Hungary. I'm looking for a native speaker to hone my English – I can speak well, got an advanced exam, so I wouldn't say practising, but I need to get used to talking to native speakers on a daily basis. I'm a bit shy and not really an outgoing type (as in socialising), so if you can't stand people like me, don't bother. I'm looking for a chatting partner though, not a love of life, so I wouldn't want taking too much time to find a perfect match :P Also, I'd prefer someone from the UK (because of time difference), my age or up (although I think I might feel a bit weird talking to older guys, but that may be my problem). I hope I didn't put you too much off :P so thanks in advance for any answers!

05:09 PM Jul 18 2008 |

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Come on people, please!

06:13 PM Jul 20 2008 |



hungary is a good place, so born a good boy ,l look forward to find a good chatter in this english boby,just hone my  english language

04:38 AM Jul 21 2008 |




Oh, for God's sake, why do I even bother?

04:29 PM Jul 25 2008 |

Lover for Ever

Saudi Arabia

hehehehe don't bother no one is here to hear u Tongue out

 me too Hundolos!!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking for the same thing…

but I want to train myself on the British accent

cos I adore it _


any British guys around?? Wink

04:40 PM Jul 25 2008 |




Haha.. I am not a good choice to talk in English :)


I don't guess that you will like my English.. :)

But my voice is really so cooL :)

04:57 PM Jul 25 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi. everybody

I wanna to chat with someone.

Anybody reply me?

11:22 AM Apr 13 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

just keep searching and u will find

me too but no problem if she isn't a native speaker we can improve our language together

I really wat a girl to talk and read news and articles and correct for each other

yah and I don't want her an arabian girl coz I know myself I will talk arabic :)

yah I want a girl to talk free :)


03:34 PM Apr 19 2010 |



I can speak english excellently.. anybody interested to chat with me

01:46 AM Oct 05 2010 |