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How do you express satisfaction and dissatisfaction?



Can you give an example of a dialogue? Thanks ^^

10:33 AM Aug 06 2008 |

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lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

i can say directly iam happy or i am not happy ..

u can express urself

directly by ur speech …sometimes ur actions till …

10:52 PM Aug 06 2008 |




well, there are a lot of ways.  Are you looking for slang? 

Here are some things that people say quite often:

 "That's cool" – there are two ways to use this.  The first one is to use it about an object that you like.  For instance, if your friend buys an iphone and you like it, you would say,"That phone is cool!"  Or, you can use it to say that you are comfortable with a situation.  If you are out with friends, and one of them asks you if you want to go to a different location.  If you want to go, you could say,"that's cool" in a casual manner, to signify that you are agreeing with their idea


"That sucks"  Again, it can be applied to an object or a situation.  It says you are discouraged and unhappy with this.  If your computer keeps crashing, you can say,"My computer sucks", or "This sucks!".  Or, if a friend tells you that their computer is broken, you can say,"That sucks" in a way of showing sympathy.


"That Rocks!" – Means you really really like something.

"Awesome!" also means you really like something or a situation

I'll post more as I think of them! 

05:22 AM Aug 28 2008 |