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consuming habit of different nations on Apple products



   Hi,    you know in China ,it's generally accepted that  owning  any digital product of    Apple is  admiring   cause it is a symbol of status .  You know Chinese     average income  per year  is around 2000RMB,that is about 300 USD. And in China  an ipod is sold at 1200RMB ,  which is ,  for   plenty of people ,the total sum of money they can earn in one month.   Indeed ,China is booming  , with comsuming sense misread .

     Even it is much more expensive  than  other  name brand  at the same configuration,even it  does a bad job in compatibility with many softwars -i mean ,macintosh,  there are  droves of    brand -name mania         crazy about this  low cost performance  white elephant. 

       I am especially wondering  what is    the case in your country?



04:47 PM Aug 06 2008 |

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I'm in Canada, and apple is becoming more and more popular.  Right now, owning an Mac is cool, so people want them.  I don't think it is as much of a status symbol here as it is there, though.  The prices are not much higher than other mp3 players, cell phones, and computers, so many people can afford them.  


There will always be people who buy things because of their name brand, and not because it is what is the best item for what they need.  That is the case with Mac.  Some people buy mac because they like it better, some people like it because they really dislike the competition, and others buy it because that's the cool thing to do right now.

I think it's silly to make an investment in something just because it's cool right now.  I think you should look around, and find what suits your needs.  If a mac product is the best one to do what you are looking for, then get it, regardless of whether or not it is popular.

05:29 AM Aug 28 2008 |