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relate love



Hi All,

i am Ravi .i would like to make friend all our world ..so please read and suggest about following questions? 

How can we express our love to her ,which should be accepted her.

for that what we will do? ..

09:35 AM Aug 08 2008 |

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with a big hug and one little kiss

12:54 PM Aug 08 2008 |



Russian Federation

Just be honest and open. Your actions should show your attitude to her. If i see that someone tries to do good for me i will realize how he treats with me without words, as kisses and hugs can be empty

01:28 PM Aug 08 2008 |



hi purplex,

ur opinion is very nice to see because it has worthful words,not only love evrything is hard if we willn't do…..

pls add me as ur friend….. 

07:59 PM Aug 08 2008 |




i think if you want a friend, you'd better spend much more time getting to know people before juding them. if we all based our final opinion of others on the first appearance, we may lost the real person we want.

09:09 AM Aug 09 2008 |




if you know eachother get her number and send message to her lıke 'how are you today?' than find the reasons to send message other days..if she contınue to answer you happıly and patıently,ask her for meetıng firstly make her feel your love ..and touch her hands as if ıt was accident..unless she ıs stupid,she feels your love

than  she look s you with shining eyes, you see ıt s the rıght tıme to talk.For the rest good luck:D

03:39 PM Aug 25 2008 |