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Please help!



Hello,I'm a student,and my English is poor.Today is my first time coming here.I want to improve my English,can someone of you give me some advice?Then I will be very grateful.

In case,who can tell me how to char here?I can't use it,I think may I have some problems in it.

Thanks a lot!

08:26 AM Aug 19 2008 |

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i'm also a chinese, it seems every chinese student have the problem of learning english. i'm an english major student, although my english is not very good, but i'll tell you some learning methods that i think are good. first, recite as much good passages as possible: then, spend more time in english cornor, there you must communicate in english, it will help you get use to think iin english: third, listen more, i used to listen english before i go to sleep, maybe sometimes you are not listening, but i think the enviroment of speaking english is good.

hope it will do you good.

11:06 AM Aug 19 2008 |



Hi! kakarote.Thank you for your advice.I must admit that I always spend less time on English.So,even I have study English at school for many years,but I can't speak it will yet.

Now,I will go to the senior high school,and I decide to spend moch time to learn English.I believe I can study it well.

01:08 PM Aug 19 2008 |




A good way is to just listen to people speaking english and trying to understand what they are saying.  Go to english radio stations on the internet and just listen to them talk.  That way, you will hear how english people really talk.  Books teach you the basics of the language, but it is not how native english people actually speak!

04:28 AM Aug 28 2008 |