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let know each othetr more

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

let know each othetr more ,

 ( let make this page for us  to tell everything inside us )

 here in thie thread or page  i want each and every one  of you to write every thing about him or her personal information ,  and try to talk freely by telling what ever is bathering him or her , or  making him feel upset i wish all of you get the idea  ...... ok i iwll start

 i am  from saudi arabia

i am 26 years old

i am a working mother

i have got 2 childern a boy and a girl

this week something horrible happened to me i wish it will never happen to me again

i will tell you what is it


if you share me yours ok


waiting for all of the people who are in the forum

10:46 AM Aug 25 2008 |

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hii!my name is tuğçe from Turkey.ı m 19 year old girl and unıversity student.

it ll be my fırst year ın unıvercity..ı wanna be industrıal engineer.

ı m wonder how it will go on univercity ı hope to find new friends and finish the univercity as a well educated engineer

and what about others of me? ı have strong voice . really sing well and also the next month ı m goıng to start playıng guıtar..ı really want to sing my songs with guitar on the beaches with my frıends ..dont make fun of me please:D

Oh its enough and what will you say us pink angell .. and others lets talk

02:42 PM Aug 25 2008 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

nice to meet you my dear friend martimar , it is very nice from you to pass here and share us some unformationa about you , i really enjoyed while i am reading things about your future , i feel very happy when ever i see people who are organized and make plans for everytung i wish the best of luck for you , i wish also you will be able to play gitar in a good way and i am sure you will , and i wish you a good luck in the university

what about others ?

05:49 AM Aug 26 2008 |



I am jeddy from china.

I would like to learn more about the outside world here.

Good luck to all of you.

09:48 AM Aug 26 2008 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

thank you jeddy for passing by

i can help you to know everything you want to know about Saudi Arabia

and i wish to know about your country too

07:20 AM Aug 27 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


This is a good topic, Pink. Most people's profiles don't say too much about themselves so it's hard to know their interests, likes and dislikes, etc. I hope more people join in. Everyone wants to know people and this is a good way to do it. Bravo!

08:18 AM Aug 27 2008 |

Junyi Jia

Junyi Jia


I am college student ,21years old.and will graduate in 2009. Overlook the years spent in the university,i feeling great that did something to change my life and improve the ability both in relationship ,communicating, computer skills etc. while,now is the time to decide whether go for advanced studing after graduate or work. and it;s also the time i feeling that how stupid i have wasted the important years. the new semester will  begin, i am feeling so sorry that have to turn to  parents asking for the tuition even at my 21 age~i am feeling that what i did is never enough.BUT i still  believe that the future is bright and never let it  happen again~

08:33 AM Aug 27 2008 |




I am 29 years old. The time is so quick. In the university, I had too many dreams and thought the time was so slow. But now I reviewed my career. I have married and become a 29 years old. Everything is out of my dreams.

I love my husband. Now we hope we could born the baby next year. The Chinese zodiac of baby is cow.

09:10 AM Aug 27 2008 |



I am a Chiese Hui people, Hui people originates from Arabia areas, about 1000 years ago, some Arabian moved into China and formed Hui people, now in China there are about 100millions Hui people. but after so many years assimilated by other people, now we have less and less characteristic of Arabian, I am interested in the Arabia culture. so i hope we can be friends and I am also glad  to share the long history and culture of China.

03:03 PM Aug 27 2008 |



Viet Nam

Nice to meet you.
I'm Dong from VietNam and I'm 18 years old

I'm a student in high school.

This year I have to pass a very important examination- the entrance university examination. I really wanna study abroad but I can't realize it sooner. I regret I lost lots of opportunities and hours to learn. But I think "better late than never".I have my goal in mind, so now I try my best to do it. I come to this site by chance. In fact, I wanna find a website like this for a long time.

Fortunately, I found it. I wanna improve my English skills to achieve my goal. So I really really wanna make friends with everyone who can help me improve my English skills or learn English with me and I think you are one of them.

03:09 PM Aug 27 2008 |




entering univercity wants really hard preparetion in turkey,ı successed it in the second time as the industrial engineering  has really high points here like .take a good effort and good luck for you.ı hope for you to enter wherever you want

04:41 PM Aug 27 2008 |