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What is LOVE????




Hello friends


lets start to discuss on LOVE


in my point of View LOVE is an emotional intensity  

which arouse our inner feelings to do some thing good for

some one


what you say


please join



08:45 AM Feb 21 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

love is shit if you love you will get a shiti life after it when your lover leav's you ..thats my point ..

so i dont love i give hate instad..

08:35 PM Mar 27 2007 |



ı thinks but love doesn't certain only this…love is life's real so we can say about love so so more than this letters..ı think in all over the world love is lived short but in turkey it is written to the mountain by ferhatWinkto the şirin…the people in love can not think anythink.. only think….. of course his love..can not do anything.. only thing which he did…get happy his\her love…As result ı could not see like this in my life…..

your respectfuly

02:49 AM Mar 28 2007 |




May I join please? I don't have a definition for love but without it, we would not be here i guess, it's something we need and something other people would want us to express to them

08:50 AM Mar 28 2007 |


Viet Nam

We are human being, so we can love, we have to love. I think we needn't answer the question "What is love?" because each person has a heart. And loving is a necessary work for all hearts to do.

09:46 AM Mar 28 2007 |


United Arab Emirates


i agree with you, and i also feel "love is something when you don't get sleep" but not only this love is an universe, and we all are live because of LOVE

Don't you think so?


10:09 AM Mar 28 2007 |



Love is life,

Love is the wounder thing in the world

05:43 AM Mar 29 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

Well, Dear Black_blue,

My point is, Love is not only 2 love a girl who leaves you or always be with you, but 2 tell that we all love each other, like somebody be very kind to you and you thank him for being kind, and then you feel something for the person, it is called Love!  But it hurts a lot when lover leaves you, Love increase and decrease time to time. Innocent

06:03 AM Mar 29 2007 |

li tony


what do you think it is? love is consecration

06:23 AM Mar 29 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

yes dear, love is consecration, blessing feelings &  an emotional which you can just feel in your heart and sometimes express to the one whom you Love!

07:40 AM Mar 29 2007 |



love?It's hard to say it just by words!I think you  must get to know it by your heart!love conquers all!when you fall in love with someone,everything in your eyes seems lovely,and you feel warm in your heart just like the spring is always around you!you begin to care about something just for that he will care.you hope that he will be well and happy for ever,you hope you can do something for him!whatever happens,you will go through with him together,share tears and laugher together,and out of some expriences,you believe that tremendous growth and joy will come!

12:26 PM Mar 29 2007 |