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talk about the new reform of land for peoples is right or wrong by the goverment of china




Oct,2008,the china goverment take a new method to reform land amang the people,it is means,if you not a farmer,you will lost your land.and it is against the chairman Mao zedong.who thouhgt that the land must be given people,who live in Rural.but now ,the goverment in order to release Pressure of the world Economic crisis,them will make may people will lose their land which from his Ancestors.and them will become simple worker,if them lost work,them will be hungery.another,some people will become Landlord and Tenant farmers.this just the way of Feudal dynasty. the CPC just Feudal dynasty,i think,the china will Perish….

06:24 AM Oct 09 2008 |