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Something in Bible




I'm wondering if people who ever read of Bible know the meaning of the following phrase. For me, they are really interesting. And I'd like to share them with you guys here.


Adam's apple
I guess you guys must know it without my explanation.


Adam's ale = water (not alcohol)
Adam's ale is the best brew.


Adam's profession
It means agriculture and gardening.
There is no ancient gentleman but gardeners, ditchers and grave-makers; they hold up Adam's prefession.


God's gift
It means people who's self-righteous.
He thinks he's God's gift to football.

08:56 AM Oct 25 2008 |

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It's rather interesting, Maggie! especially about Adam's profession )))) Have you anything else to share with us?

02:12 PM Oct 25 2008 |




Hi RainboW, I'm glad you like'em. Here's some more, let's share it together:)


fallen angel= devil
join the angels=(American English)pass away, die
e.g.His father joined the angels last night after lying on bed for one month.


the apple of one's eye
it means someone or something that's cherished by others
e.g.Mr. Rochester continued blind the first two years of our union;perhaps it was that circumstance that drew us so very near; for I was then his vision. Literally, I was(what he often called me) the apple of his eye.(from "Jane Eyre")


cross = burden or difficulty
e.g.Crosses are ladders that lead to heaven—but few of us want to climb.


Job(a name) equals honesty, tolerance and devout

Job's comforter means someone that offers disservice
Job's post means someone that brings out bad news

06:50 AM Oct 26 2008 |




Maggie, I find this interesting too.. Several idioms about Adam. What do you think?

the old Adam – the evil supposedly inherent in human nature

e.g. Occasionally the old Adam – or should one say Eve? – would assert itself in my aunt and then, still thoughtful for others, she would descend into the kitchen and be disagreeable to Amy our new servitor, who never minded it. (J. K. Jerome, ‘Paul Kelver’, book I, ch. VIII)


old as Adam as old as world

e.g. She had tempted him, yes, but he would not use that excuse as old as Adam. (P. S. Buck, ‘Come, My Beloved’, ch. VII)


since Adam was a boy from times immemorial


04:13 PM Oct 26 2008 |



hey Maggie, Rainbow, have you read the Bible in English language??

04:16 PM Oct 26 2008 |




Yes Rainbow, it seems that Adam's phrases have so many special meanings, but I'm wondering whether they are used often by those English native speakers….


I haven't read Bible in English before, Dear Latin guy, but since I found it interesting I'll try to get reading itInnocent ..... how about you?

01:26 AM Oct 28 2008 |