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waiting for English friends



I am Eva from China, a nice girl :) I am working as an accountant. I like making friends.

I am learning English now, if you are interested it and want to practise, let's learn together.

You are welcome to contact me with my MSN: zhangwsc@126.com

Also you can email to me .

06:08 AM Oct 29 2008 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >



hello, i am from china, too, nice to see you here.

08:21 AM Oct 29 2008 |



im ray ,im a  very nice person i want to find frends for improve my english.im a studying bussness administration and i m working in telemarketing departement. i m very happy to practice with you.

06:54 PM Oct 30 2008 |



United States

Just a suggestion: You'll probably have better luck if you post at least a slight profile and a few photos. It is always interesting to read a little biography about someone before you meet them. I look forward to talking to you.  Wink

03:33 PM Nov 02 2008 |




my dearest friend ,please allow me introduce myself toyou,you can call me Aran,from china,this is my email: & ,

wish you have a good days!

04:48 AM Nov 03 2008 |