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Who saved Muhammeds(SAV)'s grave? Ataturk!




During the 1930's the king of Saudi Arabia began to demolish all the graves in the country because visiting the graves was a sin according to their beliefs. When it was time to demolish the grave of prophet Muhammed all of the muslims in Arabia request help from Mustafa Kemal Ataturk(great founder of Turkish Republic) and he sent a note to the king of Arabia saying if he have touched any stone of the Muhammed's grave he would pay really much worth of this behaviour (may be war or another thing). Then the grave is still there..

Now people are talking about that Ataturk was not a real muslim, he changed the state of country, stopped caliphate.. When we think about all the things, revolutions he had made there is no way besides obeying his way. He was a great man that all the public leaders Che Guavera, Fidel Castro or others walked with Ataturk's light. When Che was dead the book of Ataturk "Nutuk (speech)" was found in his bag. You can search this.

If there is someone that we must try to understand that is Ataturk.

07:22 AM Nov 13 2008 |