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Russian Federation

Hi all! Smile

 My name is Nikolas, I'm from Russia. Now I'm learning english and want learn it with other people. Also I want to find more friends from around the WorLD.

So I offer  INTERNATIONAL Friedship.

My MSN is nnews(at)yandex(dot)ru

SKYPE id is trust4love

09:32 PM Nov 24 2008 |

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Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

hi how are you every one

07:45 AM Nov 25 2008 |


Russian Federation

Fine! u are Welcome!

07:53 AM Nov 25 2008 |



My MSN is jessylihs at hotmail dot com, see you there.

09:46 AM Nov 25 2008 |



If you are looking to learn English, Chinese and Spanish and have fun too, I know of a skype plug-in that fits the bill. Its learning-while-chatting feature could make language learning fun and interactive. It’s called Moka Chat for Skype and can be downloaded from http://www.moka.com. You just need to install this application, select the language pair you need and then type in the text message and send the translated text to your skype contact. Because it allows you to see both the original and translated text every time a message is sent, you can learn the language faster. It is free during the beta period.  



08:30 PM Nov 27 2008 |


Russian Federation

Thank u!

07:46 AM Nov 29 2008 |