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honest answer




Let's start the honest answer game.It like this:one bring uo a question,and the follower must reply the it honestly and also provide another question you wondering to the next one.

eg:Q:what's your real name? A:蔡传慧

Ok,i'll start the first:have you been in loved with sb.?

03:00 AM Dec 12 2008 |

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Russian Federation

I don't know…I've never flown by plane from China to USA.

Why do we live?

08:18 AM Jan 23 2009 |


United States

We live to die.

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

03:29 PM Jan 23 2009 |




According to a Wall Street Journal article, a woodchuck could chuck around 35 cubic feet of dirt in the course of digging a burrow. So, if a woodchuck could chuck wood, he would chuck an amount equal to 700 pounds. I took this from wiki.answers.com.

What do you think about this phrase? "Your job is to study"

01:35 AM Jan 24 2009 |


South Korea

i think i still love my ex-srifried. eventhough i've met other girl.. she is still in my dream

04:36 AM Jan 24 2009 |



If somebody give you a present sure you will say to him thanks  then what you could say to god who give us all

things ?

09:19 AM Jan 24 2009 |



I thank him everyday whether he gave me or not. praising God is a  day to day duty for human being for whom belive in God. Most of all if we love each other and care for each other that's the best gift to give for God. 

my question

some one tried to kill you for some reason you don't even understand, after some time you have got a chance and that person underr your hand, what do you do? do you take revange?

05:53 PM Feb 08 2009 |



Russian Federation

'don't know'

Ok boys and girls- I see everybody brings questions connected with LOVE! I just would like to offer another theme…aa… for example: Would you like to study in general…yeah, just studying as process

06:02 AM Feb 09 2009 |