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how can i and u make a diffrence??

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

hi everyone

i wanna know what the steps we have to do to be deffrent?? and how can i make a diffrent??

 thanx 4 all

04:23 AM Dec 19 2008 |

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stand by me

Saudi Arabia


07:10 AM Dec 19 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."

*Edward Everett Hale


Be an example for others to follow by working on yourself and improving the quality of your actions and the adaptation of good deeds. This approach has been adapted by
our prophet PBUH and we have been instructed to do the same.

Focus on the new generation. They are raw materials for a better future and the best part is that we can shape them and construct a better social building out of them easily.


- Here is a scientific approach on what are the steps we need to take to get result in trying to make a difference:


1. Try to understand the public's current thinking and where it could he encouraged to go tomorrow. Above all, keep in touch with reality.

2. Select a target on the basis of vulnerabilities to public opinion, the intensity of suffering, and the opportunities for change.

3. Set goals that are achievable. Bring about meaningful change one step at a time. Raising awareness is not enough.

4. Establish credible sources of information and documentation. Never assume anything. Never deceive the media or the public. Maintain credibility, don't exaggerate or hype the issue.

5. do not divide the world into good and bad, If I were that person, what would make me want to change my behavior?

6. Seek dialogue and attempt to work together to solve problems. Position issues as problems with solutions. This is best done by presenting realistic alternatives.

7.  Ask yourself: "Will it work?"

Hope i gave you something valuable. Smile


04:14 PM Dec 19 2008 |



You may ordinary but you extraordinary.don't pay attention more about it.China has a proverb"you are confuse when you are in,others are clear when they are out.you are different in others' heart.

01:43 AM Dec 20 2008 |

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

thanx 4 ur comments

i think china is a good example. thanx 4 ur comment


am sure that u r diffrent cuz. u r muslim

ALLAh blease u . thanx

spooky teen

nice 2 see u in my topic

i like ur comment it was usefull 4 me first and 4 other

thanx alo0ot

01:06 AM Dec 21 2008 |