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palestine is dieing from israel

myar shad oglo

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i want to told all the body in English  beby all people in palestine are heart and die all peole in gaza why all the world dont help palestine why and all people in palestine are heart palestine and all palestinian want to the best life for all country why the country dont help palestine she help all the country and she want to the best life why all the countrey dont help

and now, iwant to tell all the countrey to help palestine and heart and die israel in palestine to the end life for israel countrey because all israelian are laying for all the  countrey and she tell all the countrey the palestinian are dieing all israelian but palestinian no palestine not die the israeilian please all countrey help all palestinian in the world and all the want to watch emages for the palestinian dieing they can watch TV.

12:56 PM Dec 27 2008 |

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myar shad oglo

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

why evry body not send and talk i tell the all body in here to send and talk and help

03:48 PM Dec 27 2008 |