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Gaza is bleeding

myar shad oglo

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Dear brothers in Palestine, there is bleeding from the wounds heal
Palestine cry
The Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamatsmah

My brothers are waging a fierce campaign of the Zionist occupation against the sons of Palestine, based in the Arab silence scary
Is not it a shame that the silent Muslim rulers?
By God, if the father of ignorance is alive and moved to the condemned in the Arab Alnkhup the same
How to us Muslims?
Where is the Association of the real Islam?
By God, that there is now a real massacres in Palestine in the Gaza Strip and West Bank
Children die in cold blood …. The bereaved wives, mothers … ... Meetmon children … Senate injured

Wake you sleeping??
There are not a unified cry of anger?

The Aaaaaaaaisalamah
The Aaaaaaaaaaarbah
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
Each of the dominated and forced

We are brothers on the need to pray
Feltrf hands to God Almighty
Feltsama the vote and the meaning
You pray, the weakest of faith
Feltzl tears of Muslims and sinking the sons of Zion
Our God. Islam, our religion. The Koran is our constitution. Muhammad may Allah bless him and our Prophet

Oh God, help the mujahedeen in Gaza …..

10:09 AM Dec 28 2008 |

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United Kingdom

Don't start a war that you can't handle. And certainly don't expect the people to feel sorry for you.


This post doesn't belong here either. Post your politics on a different site.

04:36 PM Dec 28 2008 |




fabs1 let me clear on ething it is a site for every one and every person has right to write whatever he/she wana share.  are you in EBABY ADMINISTRATION? or there is any rule that don't write such things which MYAR SHAD written here. 

truth is truth so if u want to stop then stop ur media , news channels which showing and aware to every one about it.

myar not starting the war but it is already started which destroying their homes , life , society, nation and country. if u have no intrest and no humanity then keep silence and don't criticise or blame others. these are the open forums where eveyone have right to share each and every thing. 

being a human being i feel sorry for GAZA childrens,peoples who died in those attacks. if there any conflict try to solve by negotiations not by killing the innocent childrens and peoples.



07:08 AM Dec 29 2008 |



United Kingdom

Theres the question whether posts like these are in the spirit of why this site was made. I believe they arent and can be put on a different site. We dont need incitement on a site like this and they should keep for somewhere else. This is an ENGLISH LEARNING site.

01:34 PM Dec 29 2008 |



gaza is in a bad situation.i agree with u that gaza needs much support from the islamis society and all the free poeple all around the world.they did nt need talka and condamne they need medical support and they need arms rockets.

02:04 PM Dec 30 2008 |




no war is nice thing,I couldn't figure it .. why always have person like the war…..!~~

02:29 PM Dec 30 2008 |

sweet apple pie

Saudi Arabia

thank you MAYAR for this subject

 thank you nadiaaa and

aliyatul_hikmah for your nice speach…

i agree with you that gaza's peaple are in worse situaton and we ask allah to support them

 "Oh God, help the mujahedeen in Gaza "AMAIN


our hearts  with gaza



thanks :)again

02:39 PM Dec 30 2008 |