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Who want to prepare to TOEFL IBT?



Trinidad and Tobago

my skype address is kamalov.rufat. We can improve speaking and at the same time pitening comprahension.

11:59 AM Jan 11 2009 |

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i want to receive the toelf test in oreder to practice and prepare

08:07 PM Jun 23 2009 |



hey  i want prepare toefl .but i can't speak english fluently.can anybody tell me how to prepare for that?



06:10 PM Nov 04 2009 |



 exam prepareit and send it to me

Le présent simple/Compléter les phrases :
1) Present simple, complete the sentences:

She (go) to school by bus.
He (watch) television in the evening .
They (play) football on Sundays.
She (try) to work harder.

2) Mettre uniquement le verbe à la forme négative sans contraction :
2) turn into the negative form, without contraction:

I like chocolate. => I chocolate .
He works hard. => He hard.
She is English. => She English.
They can swim. => They swim .

3) Le prétérit simple / Compléter les phrases sans contraction:
3) Past simple,complete the sentences without contraction:

She (go) to London.
They (play) tennis.
He (write) a letter.
We (buy) a new house.

4) Mettre uniquement le verbe à la forme négative sans contraction:
4) Turn into the negative form, without contraction:

She went to the market. => She to the market.
He came back home late. => He back home late.
They began running. => They running.
He listened to the teacher. => He to the teacher.

5) Mettre uniquement le verbe à la forme négative sans contraction en respectant le temps employé :
5) Turn the verb only into the negative form without contraction but mind the tense:

I play with my sister. => I with my sister.
He watched a nice film on TV. => He a nice film on TV.
She did her homework. => She her homework.
He feels happy. => He happy.

6) Compléter par le pronom relatif correct autre que that :
6) Complete with a relative pronoun except that:

He is the man came yesterday.
She is the girl I saw last week.
Do you know the book I read last Sunday?
The man, is in the car, is my uncle.

7) Compléter par much ou many:
7) Complete with much or many:

We can see birds in the sky.
There is not butter left.
He drinks too alcohol.
There are people in the street.

8) Compléter par for ou since:
8) Complete with for or since:

He has been waiting here two o’clock.
They have played football two hours.
They have been married a long time.
She has been staying with us last week.

9) Mettre l’adjectif au superlatif de supériorité sans oublier l’article(ne pas recopier la phrase) :
9)Complete with the adjective in the superlative, don't forget the article :

This book is interesting. => This book is .
The blue dress is cheap. => The blue dress is .
That exercise is easy. => That exercise is .
That cake is good. => That cake is .

10) Compléter par la bonne préposition :
10) Complete with the right preposition:

He went Australia last year .
He has been living London for ten years.
She arrived school late.
We have invited them dinner.

11) Mettre les phrases au futur simple.
11)Turn the sentences into the future simple:

She goes to Paris in June. .
He can swim for a long time. .
They must do their homework. .
Walking on the grass is prohibited. .

12) Poser la bonne question sur le mot souligné.
12)Ask the right question about the underlined words:

Daddy comes back home at 8.00 pm. ?
The train leaves at 6.00 pm . ?
She left yesterday . ?
Peter wrote this letter last week.?

13) Transposer au futur SIMPLE.
13) Turn into the simple future.

He is reading a book. .
My cat eats when it is hungry. .
When do you come here? ?
When she is 18 she drives her father’s car. .


03:17 PM Apr 05 2010 |



hmm wgat is toefk ibt any where !?

03:21 PM Apr 05 2010 |



Sri Lanka



12:06 PM Apr 09 2010 |




TOEFL is not a easy test, but I also need to prepare for it, if I want to study in the U.S.

09:48 PM Jun 04 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I would like to take TOEFL as soon as possible


12:15 PM Jun 13 2010 |

Ebaby! Admin

United States

We have just expanded our TOEFL section with lots of new tips and tricks for the TOEFL iBT listening, reading, writing and speaking sections, answers to the most popular TOEFL questions and more!

Check it out and let us know what you think! www.englishbaby.com/lessons/toefl



05:47 PM Jul 27 2010 |