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I want to talk with you in English



I come from China.Now I'm a student .I want to learn English.So I want to talk with you in English .In return,I'll teach you Chinese if you want to learn it._

09:48 AM Mar 27 2007 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


nice to meet you daisy2doraemon.If you suggest a topic we can talk about it with each other.

10:30 AM Mar 27 2007 |



ok!let's begin with a topic.

please tell us one of the most beautiful places in your city.Maybe someday I can go there for a visit.-now introduce my city to you,I live in yantai.It is a beautiful city of China.I think the wonderful place here is the seaside.It's cool in summer and warm in winter.If you have a chance,please come here and for a visit.

11:25 AM Mar 27 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I hope to visit your city one day.I live in Kerman.It is one of old cities in Iran.Many tourists come here every year.It has many old monuments and buildings such as famous "Ganjalikhan Bathroom" which is a bathroom that in the past people went there to wash themselves.People of my city are famous for their kindness and hospitality.Here it's warm most of the year, and has beautiful springs.

02:23 PM Mar 27 2007 |




hi i am from india.my name is nabiul islam,I wana talk with you.about many things

such yr cultures .about yr cities and about you .plz accept my friendship

07:14 PM Apr 06 2007 |




Hi am from mongolia Do you know about mongolia?  It is beautiful and historical country Last year was our Great mongolian 800th century anniversary . I want to talk english and improve my grammer skills . Please help me and cantact me

have a nice day

05:09 AM Apr 07 2007 |

phong phanle

Viet Nam

hello daisy2doraemon, i'm Phong, how do you do?i'm living i country which near your country. my city is middle of Vietnam, Da Nang city. i'm a teacher of Mechanization. my English is not good so i try to improve my E. I hope that you can help me.

tomorrow, i will  ask you about my city and country.


nice to me soon

12:40 PM Apr 07 2007 |



Yes, you are most welcome.  I will teach you english & would be happy to learn chinese.  Write back to me at  srl_jagan@rediffmail.com




01:39 PM Apr 07 2007 |

lily lily

lily lily


hello daisy2doraemon ,dear your name is somehow long but i can call you just daymoon to be friends & always talk with each other


02:33 PM Apr 07 2007 |




i am from dalian, opposite you across the bohai gulf.Laughing

03:53 PM Apr 07 2007 |



Russian Federation

Hello, daisy2doraemon. I am a young man from Russia open-minded and fully interested in learning and improving my English skills! It was great to hear about your town, now let me introduce my town to you. It is Obninsk..Nothing familliar, I guess? Never mind) Note, that our town is famous for the FIRST in the WHOLE world nuclear energo station (sorry for improper spelling) !!!                            Wait for your letter)                                                                                        Best wishes,                                                                                                    AlexandeR

07:01 PM Apr 07 2007 |