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writing Essay


Saudi Arabia

can I find anybody here help me to write an English essay

02:56 PM Mar 29 2007 |

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Hello! First you have to think of a topic, do you have it? Then gather information about this topic to support your ideas… You must use formal language only, avoid using vague words such as stuff, thing etc.

Wanna more help?  Let me know what you need!

I'll be glad to help you…


02:07 AM Apr 04 2007 |



I find that sometimes the teachers/professors draw more attention on your referencing, than what you really said in the essay. So you must make sure what the required referencing method is, and always be honest and precise. E.g, the page number, chapter number of journal article you quoted.

another way, google "essay writing", and you can find many workshops from universities all over the world. Because many universities have sort of "teaching and learning unit" to help students improving academic writing skills.  Those powerpoint or PDF files are very useful


05:24 AM Apr 04 2007 |



hello.i need ur help .

i want some essay about myself .can u find it for me ?

01:58 PM Jul 29 2009 |